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MF Twister Ableton 9.6 Script

Description and Instructions

This script requires Ableton 9.6, if you are running an older version grab the v1.2 from the sidebar


This mapping was made for Ableton 9.6 and is fully compatible with the Midi Fighter’s sequencer mode.

This guide refers to the 2.0 version of this mapping and it will be updated to reflect changes in following versions. 


  • Track Select/Solo/Arm/Mute
  • Track Volume/Pan/Sends
  • Device control and navigation (On/Off, Next/Prev Bank, Next/Prev Device, Device Lock)
  • Focused Track Controls
  • Transport controls


After downloading Twister Ableton Script from DJTechtools and unzipping it a folder will be created with the same name that will contain this guide and three more files: Twister_Ableton.mfs and a folder named Script.

1. Open the MF Utility and import the Twister_Ableton.mfs file via File > Import Settings.

2. Copy the contents of the Script folder (_Mono_Framework, _Tools and Twister) to your Ableton Live's MIDI Remote Scripts folder. Located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ableton \Live x.x\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts\ for Windows or right click on your Ableton's app and click "Show Package Contents” and navigate to \Contents\App-Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts\ for Mac OSX

3. Launch Ableton Live and the script should detect your device and set itself up. If this doesnt’t happen go to Preferences and under MIDI Sync tab select Twister in the Control Surface drop down list and set the correct input and output MIDI ports.


  • Requires August 13th 2014 firmware or higher
  • Changing the side buttons’ order will break this mapping so avoid it to prevent losing functionality: If that is the case, reload the .mfs file.
  • If the script doesn't show up make sure you copied over all contents of the Script folder to the intended destination and NOT the Script folder as a whole.
  • This script was originally made by Amounra for the Livid Ohm64 controller and has been edited to extend part of it's functionality to Twister and PY files are included in this release. If you mod the original script or this one in any way don't forget to credit the original author.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.0.0
Mateo Garcia about 1 month ago
Can you launch the clips of each channel?
Melodei 4 months ago
Hey, any chance to get this working with L10? Atm my twister is kinda useless to me :(
padi_04 4 months ago

The script still works in L10, double check you installed it in the right location! You need to make sure you copy the contents of the Script folder there, not the whole Script folder if you get what I mean.

neaumusic 4 months ago

What about when _Tools conflicts with your _Tools folder? I thought I needed this script, but just had to enable Remote and Track for Output: Midi Fighter Twister

padi_04 2 months ago

It's safe to overwrite and yeah, no need for a script if you just want to map things your way.

Dustin 5 months ago
Where is the Folder in Windows 10 located?
padi_04 5 months ago

Should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Ableton \Live x.x\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts\

Jesse Hoefer 6 months ago
Just installed this script. For some reason, all the encoder functions work just fine, but all of the button functions don't seem to work at all. Any reason you can think why this might be happening?
padi_04 6 months ago

Guessing you either skipped the MFS import bit or those didn't apply correctly. Make sure you click on the blue "Send to Midifighter" button after importing to push the changes to the device.

Jesse Hoefer 6 months ago

Literally figured this out right after I posted the comment haha, thanks for the help though, this now works flawlessly and I love it!

tymon 6 months ago
Hey there I can't get this mapping to work. I'm running Abe's 9.7.5 Thanks in advance. Hopefully I get this up and running. The mapping looks super
padi_04 6 months ago

Ableton won't see it if you are just copying the Script folder itself. Make sure you are copying the 3 subfolders contained in it to the detailed location.

tymon 6 months ago

Ah thank you. That did it. I initially copied the entire folder into there. Thanks again :)