APC40 AC-BD BY PADDY for Traktor Pro

Description and Instructions

Full control over 4 internal decks (Swappable like in the S4) with access to 3 band EQ's + Filter, 4 Advanced FX Units, 8 Hotcues per deck. There is room left for further functionality like Chain FX Racks.
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Comments for v1.4.0
Justin Turner almost 11 years ago
I wanted to use this mapping live, but I am going to have to spend a lot of time editing it. First off, the sync buttons are hold, not toggle. So if you download that then change that as soon as you download the .tsi file. Second, there's no way to turn on the actual effects, the buttons below the encoders should control that, but don't. Third, there's no crossfader. The apc40 comes with an OK crossfader, and this mapping uses it for something useless that shouldn't be on a low-friction fader anyways. And the browse functions seem to not work at all, even though with the browse button I can use 4 full decks and still easily see the song lists, but with an apc40 I would prefer not to touch the laptop. I like the 4 deck control and all 8 cue points (which most production controllers can't seem to get their heads around) but i'm going to have to spend some serious time fixing this mapping. (Really? No crossfader?)
padi_04 almost 11 years ago

Keep in mind this mapping was made for 1.2.4, things are bound to be broken along so many updates. sync to act as hold only was a personal choice so it only matched the BPM of the tracks and didn't involve hard syncing, that feature got introduced later on in T2. Finding these commands and modifying them takes less than a minute. I haven't used the xfader in years, hence why assigned monitor mix to it since it was just a spare control for me but it's an easy fix for anyone wanting to recover it. So really, no xfader.

padi_04 almost 11 years ago

4k downloads at Traktorbible say I wasn't that mistaken with my choices http://www.traktorbible.com/freaks/mappingview.aspx?id=123

padi_04 over 11 years ago
Fixed download error.