Indigo Prophecy Soundpack

Description and Instructions

I come bearing a gift of ambience this week!  Some strings, synth, and pad samples accompanied by some trap drums and claps.  You also can’t forget the vocal samples taken from the PlayStation 2 game "Indigo Prophecy" (as we call it in the US) or "Fahrenheit" (for the rest of the world), from Quantic Dream (the creators of “Heavy Rain” and “Beyond: Two Souls”).  If you haven’t checked it out yet you definitely should (actually available on iOS now)!  Enough of me pitching you on a video game from years ago, grab a Midi controller and get to work!


Be sure to tag us in any posts as we'd love to see your renditions! 

Please Note: All weekly soundpacks contain Ableton Live Project file, Traktor Remix Kit, and WAVs folder all in one zip file!

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