SpaceJam (KM Productions Soundpack 10.5)

Description and Instructions

For my soundpack this week I used a number of samples that NASA has been kind enough to release to the public. I took a beep from some sort of instrument (the scientific kind can apparently be used for music too!) that they use on the space station, and created a one button melody. I added in some hard synth samples, some things said by astronauts over the radio, jet sounds from takeoff, and a couple of open-space sounding samples that I made in Massive. This is my favorite so far (I say that every week) so I hope you enjoy! Have fun, and happy Thanksgiving! -Alex

Also, please note that we will be having 2 soundpack releases each week from KM Productions, one from Kyle (Mondays) and one from Alex (Thursdays) instead of rotating each week.

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