Hat The Cat Soundpack

Description and Instructions

As what normally happens, being a parent of a 1 year old, I tend to see a lot of children’s cartoons. This one “unnamed show” seemed to use a ton of interesting sound effects and noises throughout the show. So I quickly planned to sample one of the quotes for a past soundpack (Buckle Up), but when I began to sample the clip, I realized there were a ton of other great samples to be had here. So, I’ve compiled 2 banks of 32+ samples for you to jam on and use in your productions or DJ gigs. If you’re asking, no, it is not your average soundpack, it’s more of an FX pack, but you can indeed try to play it as a whole and see what you come up with. This video was a one-take, no practice run through. Hope you find some creative uses for these.


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Please Note: All weekly soundpacks contain Ableton Live Project file, Traktor Remix Kit, and WAVs folder all in one zip file!


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