Open Wound Soundpack

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This week I have yet another artist inspired pack, it’s something I've had in the works for a while so I wanted to share.  Ki: Theory or Joel Burleson is an amazing band/artist.  I couldn't help when he shared the stems for his song “Open Wound” to quickly turn it into a soundpack.  While a remix would be a normal producer’s go to on this, I decided to not only utilize the stems but to make something everyone could enjoy and experience.  Soundpacks are a great way to remix, re-imagine, and just jam on some of your favorite songs, and make something completely new out of it.  With this soundpack I utilized most of the stems but also added a few samples of my own and a good dose of FX for flavor.  It is made up of 2 banks/32+ samples and a ton of variation.  You have melodic piano, driving guitar and a few vocal stabs.  On top of that, if I didn't learn my lesson last week…I’m at it again using another one of ULT1MOD’s light-shows to showcase this week’s soundpack, my computer didn't explode but it gave me hell.  Hope you all enjoy and be sure to go check out Ki: Theory!


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Please Note: All weekly soundpacks contain Ableton Live Project file, Traktor Remix Kit, and WAVs folder all in one zip file!

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