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NUMARK DJ2GO2 - DJ.MG Official Mapping for Traktor Pro (by Jay Neural) - MATCHES SERATO NATIVE MAPPING

Description and Instructions

This is a mapping of the NUMARK DJ2GO2 for Traktor Pro matching the native Serato mapping !

Please note it's for DJ2GO2 (version 2), it hasn't been tested with DJ2GO (version 1).

It was created by Jay Neural for DJ.MG (DJ Mega Gear).

It's mapped as close as possible to the layout printed on the hardware and as close possible to how it works with Serato.

Differences with native Serato Mapping and known issues :

- BUTTON 4 on MANUAL PAD MODE is an “AUTO 8 LOOP” as “RELOOP” function does not exist in Traktor.

- LEDs on PAD BUTTONS currently don’t behave like on Serato (looking to fix this in a future release of this mapping.

Don't hesitate to post comments requesting fixes or new features. Notice this mapping's intend is to stay as close as possible to the original Serato behavior so if you wish to add other layers (when multiple modifiers will be possible) or add features that are very different from the original mapping, it'll be better to start a new project. 

You're using NI Traktor Pro ? Try out our AMX mapping !

Enjoy ! Rate and comment if you like this mapping !

For updates, follow @JayNeural and @DJMegaGear on Twitter !

Also subscribe to our Youtube channel on http://youtube.com/djmegagear as we'll be posting videos for our mappings in the near future.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.8.8
C3K about 1 month ago
Hey, i've done something cool with this setup: In sampler i've made EQ kills (that way you can at least kill some EQ's while mixing) 3 = Low kill 4 = Mid kill 2 = High kill Try it out :) it's awesome i must say to have some EQ'ing on the DJ2GO2
Jeff Scott about 1 year ago
Everything is working except for the hot-cues. Is it supposed to recognize my existing hot-cues? If not, what am I missing? The hot-cue buttons are only behaving the same way the regular cue buttons behaves. Hot-cues were the one thing I was most excited about. I hope someone can please help me.
Craig almost 2 years ago
Deck a volume level is linked to the monitor mix adjust, so every time you use the deck a volume level, what ever is play on deck a comes through the headphones
PhoenixG almost 2 years ago
Are there going to be any updates to come on this mapping file? Many thanks in advance.
Omari almost 2 years ago
Applied this to my Traitor v2.6.0, everything works except for the audio output for my headphones and the cross fader. If I plug my headphones in the "main" jack, I hear audio, pads work, pitch faders work "Main" audio knob works, but the "Level(s)" and "Cue Level" knobs don't function. Please help, I hope I didn't waste $100+ on this controller. 😫