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AKAI AMX - DJ.MG Official Mapping for Traktor Pro (by Jay Neural)

Description and Instructions

This is a full mapping of the AKAI AMX for Traktor Pro 2 with all features on the original Serato mapping implemented. This includes CENSOR and Filter-Roll which normally don't exist on Traktor but can be emulated with a combination of other controls. It also provides a few improvements over this original mapping such as Key Lock and Flux Mode toggles.

It was created by Jay Neural for DJ.MG (DJ Mega Gear).

Following are the small differences between Serato behavior and this mapping :

Differences in Layer 1 (almost perfect !) :

- CENSOR is in toggle mode, means you need to SHIFT-PLAY again to get back to normal playback.

Differences in Layer 2 (using SHIFT button) :
 - No differences, even SHIFT+SEARCH 1 and 2 for activating DVS is mapped, the reason being it's actually possible to modify Traktor in order to support DVS with any audio card !

Differences in Touch Mode (using TOUCH button) :

- On "TOUCH" : No differences except that the Filter-Roll FX ressembles but doesn't actually produce the same effect as on Serato for now. This is the best I could do and any help for improving this would be welcome.

Differences in any layer :
- XFader Reverse is not implemented as a MIDI message in Traktor. Hence the Fader reverse switch only sets the crossfader to the middle, virtually disabling it.

Additional features :

- SHIFT + SYNC OFF/ON will let you toggle Key Lock

- SEARCH 1 and 2 + SYNC OFF/ON will toggle Flux Mode.

Note on VU-METER LEDs :
- A/B and Master VU-METER LEDs aren't implemented for now but we're working on it.

Recommendations :

- It is recommended that you import the entire .tsi file using the general import button on the bottom of the settings window.
- Though they're normally saved in the TSI as configuration, I recommend you check the audio routing in the preferences as well as make sure FX slot 3 is mapped to Deck A and FX slot 4 is mapped to Deck B. These are used for the Filter-Roll effect in touch mode.

Don't hesitate to post comments requesting fixes or new features. Notice this mapping's intend is to stay as close as possible to the original Serato behavior so if you wish to add other layers or add features that are very different from the original mapping, it'll be better to start a new project.

You're using Algoriddim Djay Pro ? Try out our AMX mapping !

Enjoy ! Rate and comment if you like this mapping !

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Also subscribe to our Youtube channel on http://youtube.com/djmegagear as we'll be posting videos for our mappings in the near future.
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Comments for v0.8.8
dj_estrela about 1 year ago
Please have a look at my 2019 AMX mapping for TP3, which is the best way to unlock DVS. It has 13x layers, dozens of FXs, hundreds of features, and it comes with 26-page manual: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/9323
joezik over 1 year ago
I know it has been sometime... but... anybody got the VU Meters to work?
Jay Neural 2 months ago

Hi Joezik, I still maintain this mapping as I still use the AMX, so I'll try to figure out the VU-METERS output messages. Any help from the community will also be welcome of course.

Peter Croce about 3 years ago
Mapping is great except for one thing: How do I map the tempo/pitch fader to the shift+gain knob? I use this a lot. Thanks for what you do.
Peter Croce about 3 years ago

Actually I figured it out. If anyone wants to map it themselves check out this screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vm8708zqcy24y1p/AMX%20Mapping.png?dl=0

balju over 3 years ago
Hello guys! If I understand good ,you say you maped the amx to have Dvs with traktor?thanks for your time!
Jay Neural 2 months ago

Hi Balju, at the time you asked the question, this wasn't possibles except with some nerdy hacking. Though since version 3 of Traktor Pro, DVS support is completely opened. So yes you can use this mapping with the AMX and enjoy DVS support on both Traktor and Serato. I'm also working on a Rekordbox mapping for the Akai AMX.

Gustavo almost 4 years ago
Good night, my first congratulations for the mapping, it was very good. The vu are lacking. I have a suggestion: I would like to use the filter of the button with the touch down in a any effect traktor? Or imitate the fx mapping ddjt1 peeoner the buttons gain, treble, mid and low? They are just ideas. With the touch button lit the filter uses only an effect and always at most, try changing it. Hug and once again congratulations for the mapping.
Jay Neural almost 4 years ago

Thanks Gustavo, will consider this for future improvements. Notice however the goal of this mapping is to replicate the behavior of this controller on Serato as much as possible. But I could add additional feature in a second layer.