DJIT Mixfader - DJ.MG Official Mapping for Djay Mac + iOS (by Jay Neural)

Description and Instructions

Mixfader by DJIT is the first Bluetooth 4.0 connected X-fader. 

This is the first ever released mapping allowing you you to use the Mixfader with Djay/Djay Pro for Mac and iOS.

It was created by Jay Neural for DJ.MG (DJ Mega Gear).

To use it on Mac, you'll need the to be released Mixfader companion app (coming soon).

In the meantime, the mapping can be transferred on your iOS device and be used with Djay / Djay Pro for iOS.

To transfer the mapping on an iOS device, you can use iTunes file sharing to copy the file on the Djay for iOS file library (see this tutorial).

This mapping is using the CC00 default MIDI control message to map the Mixfader control so you only need to enable MIDI mode on the Mixfader app.

Enjoy ! Rate and comment if you like this mapping !

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Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
Rainer Ojaste over 1 year ago
any news about companion app for macOS?
riddimdojo almost 2 years ago
Awesome mapping, work exactly as he described, no latency. Turns Djay Pro for iPad into controller with an external fader for scratching or just executing a great cut or blend! RD
Jay Neural almost 2 years ago

Hi Riddimdojo, glad you enjoy the mapping please rate it a +1 if not already done :)

riddimdojo almost 2 years ago
I tried it but it does not seem to work on either Djay or Djay Pro. The midi settings says it has found two devices, but nothing shows up / no action from controller. Help!
Jay Neural almost 2 years ago

Hi, check-out if you didn't change the default CC00 control message with another. This mapping is based on the CC00 command. JN

riddimdojo almost 2 years ago

No it still says CC00.

riddimdojo almost 2 years ago

Ah, Figured out the problem. I had tried uploading the Djay for Mac midi file as well and I think the two conflicted.Removing the mac one did the trick. Thanks for a great midi file Jay! RD

Spontaneous Entertainment over 1 year ago

Thanks Doc... can't wait to try it.... I'm having the same problem as the above.... It says "found one device" but... nothing to click on.... . I do notice.. in the mixfader APP... I only see a CC0 command... not CC00 ... not sure if that's what playing a factor... But has anyone seen this before?

modlife about 2 years ago
You're an effing genius! Awesome - works flawlessly!
Jay Neural about 2 years ago

Thx Midlife, proves we can be genius by mapping a single CC command ;) Hopefully it will be built in future versions of Djay.

dj malue almost 2 years ago

map for dj player app would be really kool

Jay Neural over 1 year ago

should be very easy to do, but I'm wondering if it's not easier for you to map it manually rather than downloading and inserting mapping.