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Behringer CMD Studio 4A MIDI Map for djay 2 (iOS) by Lecroix

Description and Instructions

This Mapping is for djay 2 for iOS. 
Just drop the mapping file into the djay 2 app in iTunes through iTunes FileShare. Then plug in your MM-1 with a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter into your iDevice. Ive tested this fully and i didn't notice any problems. Please tell me if there are any problems. Thanks. ~Lecroix
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Comments for v0.2.0
lvlouis about 1 year ago
Duuuude legeeend thanks so much!!!
Milo Sanmiguel almost 5 years ago
There is any other aplication or set up to make it work?
Nick Elle almost 5 years ago

Nope, all you need is an iOS device, djay 2, and iTunes for Mac or PC.

Benjamin Rumble over 5 years ago
is it possible to get pre-cueing to work on the iPad with djay 2 and the Studio 4a?
Nick Elle about 5 years ago

I'm so sorry for the late reply! Yes, the 4a does have a 4 channel (2 stereo channel) sound card for pre cueing.