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Behringer CMD Studio 4A MIDI Map by Lecroix

Description and Instructions

Hi. I mapped all four decks on this mapping so everything works except for the Vol. LEDs and the button LEDs. If anyone knows how to map LEDs please tell me.  thanks. -Lecroix

All the FX assigns are sample pads and the first 3 FX nobs control the parameter of the FX and the buttons beneath turn on/off the FX. the last nob is the filter and the button is a reverse button. The scratch is a slip mode toggle.
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Comments for v0.4.0
Gomes almost 4 years ago
Hello mate! How can I configure the downloaded file on DJ Pro? I am really struggling on it! Regards!
Nick Elle almost 4 years ago

Please email me: dj@praxismusic.net

prakara over 4 years ago
finally i have found a way to light the led thank you so much can you teach me how to reseting the led ?? im very confused
Nick Elle over 4 years ago

The LEDs should work as normal on my map. Hang on. I will do some tests.

Nick Elle over 4 years ago

Yes, the LEDs do work as normal.

mattrick almost 5 years ago
OMG Thank you! I've struggled with getting all 4 decks and LED feedback working for months, was about to give up and throw out the Behringer when I found this! I'm so happy right now.
Nick Elle almost 5 years ago

Yay! Glad to see this worked for you!

christian over 5 years ago
awesome job, was wondering how you set cues though what is shift?
Nick Elle over 5 years ago

Thanks, Christian! The shift key is the "2" button on the FX assign on the right deck. And setting the cues is as easy as holding shift and pushing the individual cue button. :)

Kimbo over 2 years ago

Hey Nick, big thanks for the providing the mappings! However, I'm unable to get the set cues to work. I'm holding down FX Assign 2 while clicking on a cue point number but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?