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Traktor Kontrol iOS MIDI Mapping by Lecroix

Description and Instructions

This is my favorite app. It is called Traktor Kontrol by Alexander Nowak. This app is a MIDI controller app for iOS (iPhone x iPad x iPod Touch). It is a free app (so far) and i really enjoy it! 

Enjoy! -Lecroix
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Comments for v0.2.0
Nick Elle over 6 years ago
Yo DJTechTools! Why do you keep putting the wrong controllers? for example, VMidi. I even gave a link to the official website and still no VMidi as a controller! Don't get me wrong i did like that you added the iPad to the list of controllers, but please do a little bit of research like you did with Knob Lab. P.S. I love DJTechTools! I'm not hating on you guys! Keep up the good work! P.P.S. Please add the iPhone to the list of controllers. Thanks! -Lecroix