Behringer CMD MM-1 MIDI Mapping for djay 2 (iOS) by Lecroix

Description and Instructions

This Mapping is for djay 2 for iOS. 
Just drop the mapping file into the djay 2 app in iTunes through iTunes FileShare. Then plug in your MM-1 with a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter into your iDevice. Ive tested this fully and i didn't notice any problems. Please tell me if there are any problems. Thanks. ~Lecroix
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Comments for v0.3.0
Dopplgngrr 2 months ago
Hi Lecroix, thanks for for sharing this, works great for 2 decks with Djay Pro iOS. The only minor bug is the crossfader works like on/off - not like a real fader like the others. Question: Did you also do a 4 deck mapping for Djay Pro iOS? Thx, D.
Lecroix 2 months ago

That is weird. Have you checked the cutting mode in the settings? Let me know if that works Yes, I have made a mapping for djay Pro (iOS), but it I still not out yet on DJTT, but you can email me and I'll email the mapping file back to you. Here is the website Thanks for the positive comment! -Lecroix

Dopplgngrr 2 months ago

All good now, I did the file transfer again but changed name to the original "CMD MM-1" (without iOS). Now all working - the status before was probably some default values and not your mapping. 100% happy user here :) Thanks!

Lecroix about 1 month ago

Oh good! Glad it worked!