Casio CTK-720 DJ MIDI Map by Lecroix

Description and Instructions

I had this keyboard for like forever. But only recently plugged it into my Mac. The “CTK” only comes with a PC driver. So I had to search on the web for a Mac driver. If you don’t have a Mac driver please get one. 

This is a "DJified" MIDI controller map for the Casio CTK-720 keyboard.
It is a "button" controller which means that you will be able to activate/deactivate things (like FX) but but not change the wet/dry or the amount. 

It controls BPM, Pause/Play, Filter, Pitch, Cue, Sample Pads, Deck Select, Crossfader, Loop, Slicer, and FX.

Have fun! -Lecroix
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Comments for v0.1.0
Stewe over 8 years ago
Thanks for sharing! CTK is now added as a controller option.
Nick Elle over 8 years ago

Can you add VMidi as a controller option? Thanks.