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S4 Loop Flux and Remix Deck Load

Description and Instructions

Here is a mapping that allows you to load Remix Sets directly from the S4 controller. It also allows you to use the Offset buttons to turn Flux Mode on and off and to use the Loop Out button as a temporary hold for Flux Mode Looping.

Here is the video explaining the Flux Looping re-mapping:

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Comments for v0.1.0
timtucker over 7 years ago
Great work on the video, and good solution to an annoying problem. On my S4 with Traktor 2.6 I just assigned a press of the gain knob for each channel and kept the factory map override on, since I don't really find myself needing to re-set the gain that often. This works for loading a remix set into a remix deck, no modifiers needed and you don't have to be in browse mode. ( unless you want to be ) :-)
DJ Divine Justice over 7 years ago

Nice! I forgot about the push down option of that gain knob. For me I just like to leave any load option only in browse mode so I don't ruin a mix by accident. I also use the platters in FX mode so my Load buttons don't load either. (playing it safe) ;) Check out the video I added to the description. What do you do for Flux Mode?