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DJ Divine Justice Serato DJ Super Mapping for Maschine Mk2!!!!

Description and Instructions

Thanks for checking out my mapping!

Right now the LED feedback only works in version 1.7.6

To load this mapping copy the XML file into your Music/Serato/Midi/XML folder. You can then load this mapping from the midi tab in the set up menu of Serato DJ.

Load the NCM2 by opening the controller editor and on the right side below the list of templates click edit and then new. Navigate to where ever you have saved this mapping and click open.

After those three steps you're ready to go!!

Hit Shift + Control to put Maschine in Midi mode.

Pad Bank A - Hot Cues for deck one and two.

Pad Bank B - Flips

Pad Bank C - SP6

Pad Bank D - Loops

Pad Bank E - Delete Hot Cues for deck one and two

Pad Bank F - Hot Cue, Flip, Loop control for deck three

Pad Bank G - Pressure FX

Pad Bank H - Beatjump

Knob Page 1 - FX Units

Knob Page 2 - FX Assign

Knob Page 3 - SP6 1-4

Knob Page 4 - SP6 5-6

Knob Page 5 - Loops

Knob Page 6 - Deck Controls

Knob Page 7 - Beat Grids

Knob Page 8 - BeatJump

Uploading a video shorty.

Thanks for checking out my mapping!
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Comments for v1.1.1
Hector Salas-Selem over 4 years ago
@DJHectorHNL Here. Everything about this was pretty basic until I got to the pressure effects. Killed it! Keep up the work.