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The Best APC20 Traktor Mapping! (I've done so far)

Description and Instructions

  • Here is my latest and greatest mapping for Traktor's Sample Decks using the Akai APC20. I have one action button per sample deck that changes it's function based on which modifies are engaged. I have 8 mods: Load, Play, Mute, Retrigger, Erase, Load from List, Copy from Loop Recorder, and Group mode.

    On each Sample Deck I can halve, double, and reset the length of the loop, as well as sync the Sample Deck to the Master Tempo. I can also toggle between One Shot and Looped play mode.

    My faders control Volume and Filter levels and the buttons above the work as filter on/offs and momentary mutes for the Sample Decks

    When Copy from List is engaged ( Jean-Luc Picard style ), the up, down, and master buttons work at up, down, and collapse/expand in the browser tree. The cue level knob scrolls up and down in the track list.

    Normally the cue level works as the dry/wet for the Loop Recorder and the Master button starts the recording. The shift button is play for the Loop Recorder. The button above that selects the loop size when the recorder is empty. The button above that deletes whatever is in the recorder and the button above that works as Undo/Redo when there is more than one layer in the recorder.

    In Group Mode the Action buttons for the decks are as follows, from Left to Right: Group Play, Group Retrigger, Group Mute, and Group Play Mode.
  • * I have removed some functions of group mode to make room for the addition of track decks and effects
  • **Not all the led feedback it mapped as far as bleed through from one page to another
  • Feel free to contact me with any question!
  • Practice and Enjoy!!
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Comments for v1.0.0
Fabrício Delgado over 6 years ago
Does it have a button assigned to pre-listening a track?
zer0grav almost 8 years ago
Does this include the Super Combos featured in the Instant Gratification mapping?