Midi Fighter 64 Scale VIsualization

Description and Instructions

Inspired by the scale mode on certain Launchpad models. The download includes two simple MIDI files that loop all the notes in the C major scale and the C minor scale, respectively. Sending a MIDI file to the Midi Fighter 64 on the correct channel will light up the LEDS on all the buttons that are in scale. Root notes are shown in pink, and all other notes in scale are in light blue. Any notes that are not in scale remain unaffected. Showing which notes are in scale makes it much easier to improvise when using the MF64 to play an instrument.
The MIDI files are made in the key of C, but to use a different scale, simply use a MIDI effect in your DAW that changes the pitch of notes. By shifting everything up one semitone, you're in the key of C#, two semitones will be the key of D, etc. The intervals between notes in major and minor scales are the same regardless of the root note, so the lights will still correspond correctly. 
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