[V2] MF64 Note+CC Mode Fix (Bome MIDI Translator Pro)

Description and Instructions

30 September 2021 Update: Previously, the script only used two translators. This lead to issues of certain messages being swallowed when multiple buttons were pressed at the same time. The new version has a translator for each individual button, fixing this problem.


A Bome MIDI Translator Pro project that swaps the order of the note and CC messages that are sent by the Midi Fighter 64 when Note+CC Mode is selected in the Midi Fighter Utility, allowing the feature to work as expected.

To use this, first open Ableton Live and uncheck the Midi Fighter 64 in the MIDI preferences section. Open the file in Bome MIDI Translator Pro, and set the Midi Fighter 64 as an input. Then, go back into Live's preferences and select Bome Midi Translator as a MIDI input and output. If done correctly, this should route the Midi Fighter messages into BMT, where the MIDI messages are converted and sent back into Live.

The BMT file is commented with explanations of what is happening if you care to look inside, but, for whom it may concern, an overly-detailed description of the problem with the 64 and how this script solves it can be read here:
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