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X1 MK2 - FX 3,4 + remix deck D all slots control

Description and Instructions

It is good with other controllers, like s2 or s4.
fx section is full work with FX3 and FX4
  • left Loop Enc = page selector
  • right Loop Enc = select group of cells in a page: rows 1&2 or 3&4
  • browse Enc = tempo fader deck D
  • browse Enc + shift = quantize selector deck D
  • left load button = toggle settings mode
  • right load button = reset of tempo
  • touch strip = panorama (I am still looking for better using of it =)) )
  • hot cues = triggering of cells (depending on page and row selectors)
  • row: flux sync flux sync = mute (stop with shift) buttons like in F1 lowest row of buttons
  • left cue = quantize on/off deck D
  • left play = sync on/off deck D
  • right cue = reverse playback on (hold)
  • right play = play deck  D
settings mode:
  • hot cues = on/off slot key lock and fx
  • row: flux sync flux sync = modifires for each slot
for example,
  •  left flux + left loop enc = volume level of slot 1, 
  •  left flux + left loop button = reset volume level of slot 1, 
  •  left flux + right loop enc = filter of slot 1,
  •  left flux + right loop button = reset filter of slot 1,
And give me advices, what i may to add.
 A lot of midi commands and layers are not used

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