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LaunchPad mk3 Remix Deck D + Tone Player + Step Sequencer

Description and Instructions

I made mapping for launchpad mk3 for TRAKTOR PRO . 

You can control remix deck D, trigger cells, change parameters.

You can play like piano on deck A & B (key shifting + hot cue 8) 

You can activate step sequencer on deck D.


1) Load Patterns for each slot (15 + clean)

2) Loop Recorder for Remix Deck D

3) Loop Recorder for Melodies in Tone Player mode (Deck A or B)

4) Pattern Recorder for Step Sequencer (Deck D)

New functions review: 


Mapping has full RGB feedback It is very useful and comfortable. 


Fast manual:

1. add mapping in traktor pro

2. switch your launchpad mk3 to program mode (midi mode): hold SESSION and press STOP. You will see orange running word PROGRAM on your launchpad.

3. In control manager choose IN-PORT and OUT-PORT - "LPminiMK3 MIDI out"

If you choose "LPminiMK3 DAW out" then mapping will not work

4. Enjoy


New 4 Functions HERE: https://youtu.be/yBfssZ6wJIg


I spent a lot of time for programming. 

If you like my job, you can donate 1-10 $ or more =) 


For donation: 


paypal: 2080089.gg@gmail.com 

webmoney: WMID 539640269158 

yandex: (https://money.yandex.ru/transfer/a2w) 410013977784362 

sberbank: 4276 4421 5664 7052 


Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.4.0
BRAMHANAND over 1 year ago
Why its not working with my traktor pro
DJ JOGO over 1 year ago

1. What version of traktor Pro do you use? 2. What OS do you use? Win or Mac? ... I use last tractor Pro 3, win and mac. Mapping works good. But on Windows 10 it imports very slow, because mapping contains more then 10000 commands. However mapping works. On mac - no problem

BRAMHANAND over 1 year ago

Traktor pro 3 windows 10

DJ JOGO over 1 year ago

Write details of problem? Did u do these: 1. Switch LPmk3 to programmer mode. 2. In control manager after importing tsi file: Choose in-port and out-port - LPMINIMK3 MIDI OUT ?