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S4mk3 HANDY mapping DJ JOGO

Description and Instructions

  • shift+shift - load my FX config. (use 4 fx banks)
  • FX 1 buttons 1,2,3 work in HOLD mode
  • Left Unit ON button - toggles buttons 1,2,3 for FX 3.
  • buttons 1,2,3 for FX 3 - automatic adjust parameters of Knobs in FX 3 bank
  • Left D/W Knob - D/W for FX 1 and FX 3
  • Right Unit ON button - prepares FX 4 bank for Echo Out FX
  • FX on buttons + SHIFT = Fx on for FX 3 and FX 4
  • Touch to Loop and Move encoders - shows values of parameters in program
  • Button STEM - FX 4 on (left for A and C, right for B and D)
  • (In Hot Cue Pad mode) Pattern Record button - key up min adjusting - down with shift (left for A, right for B)
  • (In Hot Cue Pad mode)¬†Pattern Mute Button - octave "+" and octave "-" with shift (left for A, right for B)
  • Play button is¬† blinking, when Deck is playing (because button has bad brightness)
  • deck selection buttons have green blinking^ when loop is active
  • shift + filter knob - key adjusting (for very cool tricks)
  • monitor cue on - after loading to deck (for A and B)
  • shift + monitor cue button = mute (for cool cutting tricks)
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Comments for v0.4.0
DJ JOGO almost 2 years ago