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DJ Reybans F1 (Reworked)

Description and Instructions

Hi everyone!

I have reworked my F1 mapping. My Traktor is now setup so that deck A & B are my track decks, C is my live input & deck D is my remix deck. I believe this setup is prefered for the most. LEDs are always lightening up as they should now as well!  The F1 must be set to "User Map" in its preferences.

Holding SHIFT + pressing BROWSE takes you between my mapping & the stock one.
Volume faders & filter knobs are like on the stock mapping.
Holding SYNC & rotating the encoder will adjust tempo on deck D. Holding SHIFT as well will make finer increments. (I included that in the stock mapping too, very handy!)
 The display will show this 0-16 (%) while on my mapping.

BROWSE will start/stop the Traktor sequencer.
MUTE buttons selects page.
Holding SHIFT + pressing REVERSE will "change gears" between the Traktor sequencer & what I call "aiding pages".
MUTE buttons turns into slot FX routing for remix deck D while holding SHIFT.


HOT CUES: Simply HOT CUES! Holding TYPE lets you press to change a HOT CUEs' type & colour. Holding SHIFT lets you delete them.

MOVE: This page is now BEATJUMP by default, top row is +/-1, below that is 2, 4 & 8. Press the QUANT button to get into the old MOVE mode. As displayed in the picture: Top quadrant of each side, lets you choose mode between BEATJUMP, LOOP, LOOP IN or LOOP OUT. Third row edits move SIZE & bottom row engages MOVE. The SIZE LED feedback is reworked tho! I find this mode 
great for fine tuning samples to capture for the remix deck. 

KEY SHIFT: Lets you edit the key of the track decks. With the encoder you can move the "0" pad to get "-" pads as well. CAPTURE will light up 50%, press it to have each press of a pad also do a CUP. (Most useful if you put "CUP mode" to Instant in the settings.)

FX: This page controls all FX unit buttons. If a FX unit is in group mode, the first pad will be yellow & do nothing. When holding SHIFT you get FX mode & FX selects instead. SIZE will light up 50%, press it to make the encoder control every FX knob. (This function shares modifiers with the sequencer sample & size for now, so editing those will disengage the every FX knob. Keep that in mind if you switch pages.) The display will show the amount 1-99. (1=0 & 99=100) (Remember to also syncronize all knobs to minimum or max!) Great thing here is to have it at 1, turn some FX on & increase the amount. Pressing the encoder will turn off every effect!


MUTE buttons: Selects remix deck slot.

TYPE: Makes the encoder scroll sample. (Display shows 1-16)

SIZE: Makes the encoder edit the sequences size. (Display shows 1-16)

Pressing SYNC will disengage what is selected here, since they share the same modifier as well. But pressing SYNC while the every FX knob is active does not disengage the every FX knob!

Have fun with it!
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