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DJ Reybans F1 (Hot Cues, Move, Key Shift, FX & Sequencer)

Description and Instructions

Hi everyone!

I'm sharing my personal F1 mapping. My Traktor (& this mapping) is setup so that deck A is a live input, deck B is a remix deck, C & D are my track decks. F1 must be set to User Map in the preferences.

I added a tempo adjust to the stock mapping. It works like on the X1, you hold SYNC & rotate the encoder. Just handy!

Holding SHIFT + pressing BROWSE takes you between my mapping & the stock one. It starts on the HOT CUES page & general for every page is that SYNC will work like what I added to the stock mapping. Also BROWSE will start/stop the Traktor sequencer. MUTE buttons change page. Volume faders & filter knobs are like in stock mapping

Holding SHIFT + pressing REVERSE will change "gears" between the Traktor sequencer & what I call "aiding" pages. Also MUTE buttons turn into FX routing for remix deck B slots.


HOT CUES: Simply HOT CUES! Holding SHIFT lets you delete them.

MOVE: This page is great for fine tuning samples to capture for the remix deck. Top quadrant of each side, lets you choose mode between BEAT JUMP, LOOP, LOOP IN & LOOP OUT. Third row edits move SIZE & bottom row engages MOVE.

KEY SHIFT: Lets you edit the key of the track decks. With the encoder you can move the "0" pad to get "-" pads as well. The display shows this with 1 to 8. CAPTURE will light up 50%, press it to have each press of a pad also do a CUP. (Most useful if you put "CUP mode" to Instant in the settings.)

FX: This page controls all FX unit buttons. If a FX unit is in group mode, the first pad will be yellow. SIZE will (sometimes) light up 50%, press it to make the encoder control every FX knob. The display will show the amount 0-99. (99=100) Great thing here is to have it at 0, turn some FX on & increase the amount. Pressing the encoder will turn off every effect!


MUTE buttons: Selects remix deck slot.

TYPE: Makes the encoder scroll sample.

SIZE: Makes the encoder edit the sequences size.

I know sometimes the MUTE buttons don't light up to show wich page is active. :)

Have fun!
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