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MF3D Beat Gridder by Phando

Description and Instructions

A while ago Ean posted a video about Perfecting Traktor Beatgrids:

Here is a MIDI Fighter 3D mapping to complement his video and make beat gridding quick and easy. Suggestions welcome.

Instructions and a graphical map are in the zip. Gotta give props to my buddy Mark for the idea on this one.

Happy Gridding,
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.8.0
unk'l funk'l over 9 years ago
Excellent Update!! I was able to get through 70 tracks in 30 minutes. Fully beatgridded, Cue Pointed, etc. Love it.
Morten Grupe Larsen over 8 years ago

Is it possible with the mapping to switch from one deck to another? If so, how? Thanks