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Push Remix

Description and Instructions

Hey All,
This is a 1st pass at an Ableton Push Remix deck mapping. The mapping lets you control all four pages of the remix decks side by side. The lights change color to reflect each cells state (unloaded, loaded, playing, waiting to play). If you find bugs or have suggestions please let me know.

  • The up and down arrows cycle the pages
  • The left and right arrows sync the decks
  • The top knobs control the slot volumes
  • The two sets of orange buttons on the top toggle the FX Unit
  • The orange row of buttons enables the FX for that slot
  • The blue row enables cue monitor for that slot
  • The red row mutes the slot
  • Add Track is the Load Modifier
  • Delete is the Delete Modifier
  • Record button is the Capture Modifier
  • Back Arrow is the Reverse Modifier
  • Browse goes into browse mode
  • The last knob moves the browse selection
  • Shift + the last knob browses the tree
  • Select expands and collapses tree items

What else would you like to see this mapping do? There is still half a push to map. I feel that some of the effect stuff should be controlled from the S2.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.2
sanjeev about 4 years ago
Hi...i love the template you have created...still extra room for your own mapping. one problem...my deck D is not capturing at all like deck C. Deck C runs just fine. I don't know the problem...can you help me out?
sanjeev about 4 years ago

i figured it out...went to the mappings and duplicated the cell capture for Deck D...you only had it for Deck C. Cheers! time to get my hands dirty on push :D

Phando over 3 years ago

Right on! Glad you got it figured out and thanks for fixing the bug.

nasto almost 5 years ago
Hi, Do you know how could be possible to show-modify text on the lcd screen? thanks!
Phando over 4 years ago

Unfortunately there is no way to change the LCD test as far as I know. I wish this mapping was more maintainable and flexible.

Christian over 5 years ago
How do you get push to load this in traktor? I have imported the TSI file, but when I power on Push, it just displays to 'start live to play'. None of the controls light up, I can't even use it as a generic midi controller.
Christian over 5 years ago

Turns out there were two sets of in/out ports for push in the traktor controller management. Selecting the 2nd set for me.

William Guild almost 6 years ago
I'd like to download it but for its an .xml file which I can't read in Traktor. I'm sure there's something silly I missed. Could you help me out? Will
Phando almost 6 years ago

I just uploaded the same 0.1.2 version in a folder so the file doesn't unzip as a xml.

Phando almost 6 years ago
Hey All, This is a tedious mapping and I have been messing with updates. Nothing is sticking just yet and anything too deep will take forever. I really wish there was a more efficient and intuitive mapping tool for Traktor. Joe