Pioneer DDJ-SX for Djay by Viper

Description and Instructions

Pioneer DDJ-SX Mapping V. 1.0  for Algoriddim Djay, by viper9711

2 Decks, 2 FX-Unit´s


At first be sure that your unit is ready in „Mode for OTHER Software“ than Serato DJ

(see Pio-Manual Page 25+26 how to change the Mode, Key Lock Btn. has to light up)

Otherwise the Mapping will NOT work !!


Import the Mapping File in your Djay Folder: user/Music/djay/Midi Mappings


All main functions are mapped like the printed Labels, except:


Censor Btn. = Reverse Play (Hold)

Panel Select = Layout Sampler

Browser Knob = List/Tree scroll Scroll Libary

Browser Knob PUSH = Toogle Libary window

Load Prepare= Mark/Unmark selected Track

Back= Focus Track List

Push Browse Knob=Automix ON/OFF

SHIFT+Play/Pause =Brake transtion

SHIFT+Cue = Jump to Startposition of the Track

Slip = Backspin

SHIFT+No.1 Btn= Autofade to Deck A

SHIFT+No.2 Btn.=Autofade to Deck B

Main Output Volume=SHIFT+FX2 1. Knob

Crossfader Curve (front)= Monitor Volume Adjust (Software)


FX Section: Left and Right

1 Btn: FX1 ON/OFF

2. Btn: FX1 Select

1. Knob: FX1 Dry/Wet

2. Knob: FX1 Parameter


3. Btn: FX2 ON/OFF

4. Btn: FX2 Select

3. Knob: FX2 Dry/Wet

4. Knob: FX2 Parameter


Small FX Btn 1+2: FX ON/OFF


HOT CUE Pads Mode:

Hot Cue´s 1-3

Delete: Press and hold HOT CUE Mode Btn. (Modifier)


ROLL Pad Mode: Auto Loop Presets  

1-8 = Auto Loop Presets  (Toggle)


ROLL Pad Mode 2:( Group 2 Modus, enable with Shift+ Roll Btn.)

1-4= Bounce Loop´s (Hold)

5-8= Auto Loop´s (Toggle)

Slicer Pad Mode: FX Preset`s Left +Right

8 FX Preset´s


Sampler Pad Mode:  Sample Player

Sample Player 1-6

Sampler Volume Fader: Sample Volume for all 6 Slots




Open/close Automix window can´t be mapped L

Not working yet:

Jogwheel Led´s


If anyone had mapped it well, please tell me!


Bug report and voting welcome

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
manny 11 months ago
maxjo over 1 year ago
Hey! I need a MIDI Mapping for the SX2. Can someone help me? thanks!!
chemikal over 1 year ago

Im looking for one also

Matt over 2 years ago
will this also work for the DDJ-SZ - its the newest model from pioneer serato?
ManifestVA over 3 years ago
Thanks Viper, this is just what I needed.