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Pioneer DDJ-SX for Djay by Viper

Description and Instructions

Pioneer DDJ-SX Mapping V. 1.0  for Algoriddim Djay, by viper9711

2 Decks, 2 FX-Unit´s


At first be sure that your unit is ready in „Mode for OTHER Software“ than Serato DJ

(see Pio-Manual Page 25+26 how to change the Mode, Key Lock Btn. has to light up)

Otherwise the Mapping will NOT work !!


Import the Mapping File in your Djay Folder: user/Music/djay/Midi Mappings


All main functions are mapped like the printed Labels, except:


Censor Btn. = Reverse Play (Hold)

Panel Select = Layout Sampler

Browser Knob = List/Tree scroll Scroll Libary

Browser Knob PUSH = Toogle Libary window

Load Prepare= Mark/Unmark selected Track

Back= Focus Track List

Push Browse Knob=Automix ON/OFF

SHIFT+Play/Pause =Brake transtion

SHIFT+Cue = Jump to Startposition of the Track

Slip = Backspin

SHIFT+No.1 Btn= Autofade to Deck A

SHIFT+No.2 Btn.=Autofade to Deck B

Main Output Volume=SHIFT+FX2 1. Knob

Crossfader Curve (front)= Monitor Volume Adjust (Software)


FX Section: Left and Right

1 Btn: FX1 ON/OFF

2. Btn: FX1 Select

1. Knob: FX1 Dry/Wet

2. Knob: FX1 Parameter


3. Btn: FX2 ON/OFF

4. Btn: FX2 Select

3. Knob: FX2 Dry/Wet

4. Knob: FX2 Parameter


Small FX Btn 1+2: FX ON/OFF


HOT CUE Pads Mode:

Hot Cue´s 1-3

Delete: Press and hold HOT CUE Mode Btn. (Modifier)


ROLL Pad Mode: Auto Loop Presets  

1-8 = Auto Loop Presets  (Toggle)


ROLL Pad Mode 2:( Group 2 Modus, enable with Shift+ Roll Btn.)

1-4= Bounce Loop´s (Hold)

5-8= Auto Loop´s (Toggle)

Slicer Pad Mode: FX Preset`s Left +Right

8 FX Preset´s


Sampler Pad Mode:  Sample Player

Sample Player 1-6

Sampler Volume Fader: Sample Volume for all 6 Slots




Open/close Automix window can´t be mapped L

Not working yet:

Jogwheel Led´s


If anyone had mapped it well, please tell me!


Bug report and voting welcome

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
manny almost 7 years ago
maxjo over 7 years ago
Hey! I need a MIDI Mapping for the SX2. Can someone help me? thanks!!
chemikal over 7 years ago

Im looking for one also

Matt over 8 years ago
will this also work for the DDJ-SZ - its the newest model from pioneer serato?
ManifestVA over 9 years ago
Thanks Viper, this is just what I needed.