Viper´s Pioneer DDJ-SX Traktor Mapping V.6.2

Description and Instructions

Pioneer DDJ-SX Mapping V.6.2  for Traktor 2.6.x, by viper9711

4 Decks, 4 FX-Unit´s


V.6.2: Small corrections on FX Presets, now usable for Deck C+D


V.6.1: Optimized Loop section for all 4 Deck´s, better Led Feedback, Snap+Quant   added to Shift+Slip Btn., Shift+CUE=Track Begin


V.6.0: Complete new FX-Preset´s, 4 FX-Units, Jogwheel Tracklist scroll


At first be sure that your unit is ready in „Mode for OTHER Software“ than Serato DJ. (Pioneer Utility Modus)

(see Pio-Manual Page 25+26 how to change the Mode, Key Lock Btn. has to light up)

Otherwise the Mapping will NOT work !!


Import the Mapping ONLY with the big Import Button otherwise your Effects won´t be in the right order and the FX-Presets won´t work as they should !

After import you´ll get 12 Solo Mappings


All main functions are mapped like the printed Labels, except:


SHIFT+Sync = Set Tempo Master

Slip Btn = Flux Mode ON/OFF  

SHIFT+Tempofader= Key adjust 

Censor Btn. = Shows advanced CUE Panel

Panel Select = Layout

SHIFT+CUE Monitor= Deck Flavor

SHIFT +Sampler Volume Fader= Sweep Drama Effect (FX-1)

Browser Knob = List Scroll

Browser Knob PUSH = only Browser Toggle

Push Browse Knob=let the cursor jump to search field

SHIFt+Browser Knob = Tree Scroll

SHIFT+Browser Knob PUSH = Colapse/Expand Treefolder

Back+Load Prepare = Favorits

SHIFT+Area = Add selected Track to Preparation List

SHIFT+View = Delete selected Track from Playlist (not from Libary or HDD)

SHIFT+Play/Pause on Deck A/B: for Deck C+D (easy Stop/Play for the Remix Deck´s C+D)

Push Beats Knob toggles between FX Mode Single and Group (faster, no SHIFT needed)

SHIFT+No.1 Btn= Autofade to Deck A

SHIFT+No.2 Btn.=Autofade to Deck B

Main output Volume=SHIFT+FX2 Knob

Trackend warning mapped to Censor Led`s

Beatphase Monitor mapped to Load Led´s

Shift+turn Jogwheel= Tracklist scroll

Shift+CUE= Jump to Track begin


Grid Mode:

SHIFT+SET= Set Gridmarker

SHIFT+DELETE= Delete Gridmarker

Hold Adjust+turn Jogwheel=BPM +-

Hold Slide+turn Jogwheel= Move Grid

Hold Adjust+push Slide Btn.= Beatlock ON/OFF

Hold Adjust: Shows advanced Grid Panel, to go back push Censor Btn.

FX Mode toggle (Single/Group)= Push Beats Knob


HOT CUE Pads Mode:

Hot Cue´s 1-8

Delete: Press and hold HOT CUE Mode Btn. (Modifier)


ROLL Pad Mode: Loop Presets  

1-7 = Loop Presets (Slip OFF) 1-6= Flux Mode Preset´s (Slip ON)

8 = Beatjump-1                                


Slicer Pad Mode: FX Preset`s 4 FX-Units (all triggered)


1.     Delay long

2.     Delay T3

3.     Gater 1

4.     Gater 2

5.     Beatmasher 1

6.     Beatmasher 2

7.     Beatmasher 3

8.     Beatmasher 4


Group 3 Mode Left+Right (enable with Shift+slicer Btn.)

1.     Delay long

2.     Delay short

3.     Filter 92LFO                          

4.     Flanger

5.     Digital LoFi

6.     Reverb

7.     Bass-O-Matic 

8.     Zzurup           


Sampler Pad Mode:  Remix Deck´s C+D Left and Right

1-4: SlotCapture/Trigger/Mute

1-4: SHIFT:  Slot Stop/Delete/Load from List

5-8: Slot Retrigger

5-8: SHIFT: Play Mode (Loop/One Shot)


Group 4 Mode: Remix Deck´s (enable with SHIFT and Sampler Btn.)

1-4: Capture Track from the Deck above

5-8: Slot Unload


Group 2 Mode: Loop Recorder (enable with shift and Roll Btn.)

Pad 1= Rec.

Pad 2= Size

Pad 4= Delete

Pad 5 = Play/Pause

Pad 8= Undo/Redo

Sampler Volume Fader =Dry/Wet



-       FX-3+4 are only for FX-Preset´s

-       No sound on Cue monitor ?

1.Check your output routing in Traktor preferences. Output monitor must be DDJ-SX Phone L+R 

2. Check your Monitor Vol.+Mix Knob left to the crossfader in Traktor interface

-     Open the preferences window takes a while- don´t worry- good things need a while-not a bug



Bug report and voting welcome



Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.6.2
dj_estrela over 3 years ago
My latest mapping was based originally on this Viper/JaJa mapping, and it is fully updated for 2020 for TP3 features:
Lee over 7 years ago
I have some lagging/latency issues, all my activities on the controller are delayed??? Can anyone help?
Edwin van Kleef over 9 years ago
Hey! I need some help, I can't get the mapping to work in Traktor. I've set my sx to 'other than serato' mode (key light is on). But none of the buttons work. When I import the pioneer mapping again it does work.. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
Nils Ole over 9 years ago
Hey! I have a problem with the Jog controls. If you use it vinyl and scratch slow it sounds very digital (that means scratching with it is impossible). I downloaded the mapping from Pioneer and the digital feeling is gone. I tried to play around with the sensitivity in your mapping itself but couldn't fix it. You guys having the same problem? I really would like to fix that, cause I also want to use the DDJ-SX in vinyl mode which is not possible atm :S ;)
dj over 9 years ago

The pioneer mapping is horrible. The viper mapping is the best one for the ddj sx. You have to teak the jog turn sliders for each deck to your liking. The tricky part is that there is another control connected to it called tempo adjust, you also need to change that as well. Then you will have solid control. Its easy to find. when you have the jog turn highlighted, scroll down and you will also see temp adjust highlighted.

Mike about 10 years ago
Hey there, Please excuse my newbster question but as someone who played vinyl for many years, I'm a bit new to this controller game. I've purchased both a traktor s2 and then an s4 before selling both and swathing over to the Pioneer DDJ-SR and Serato DJ. Although I prefer the sound from the DDJ-SR (by far), I find the program a bit lacking. I tried to install another tractor mapping for my SR but it just froze it up and I had to do a factory restore. So I guess my question is, do you think that this mapping would work with a DDJ-SR and Traktor 2.6.5? Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Running MBA OSX 10.9.2 1.8 ghz Intel Core 5 * GB 1600 MHz DDR3