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Viper´s Twitch Mapping V. 3.4 remapped for Traktor 2.5

Description and Instructions

Novation Twitch Mapping Ver. 3.4  by viper




Small Changes (green marked)Beatphase Monitor, Off- Led dimm Status, Preset-Effect Change Turntable Brake, small Add in´s  (for Details in color Mode see.pdf inside)



Small Fixes Volume Deck C/D, Overlay.jpeg added


Added in 3.2:

Track Position on Strip Led, Pad 8 Effect Deck B changed from Beatmasher to Filter92 LFO, Deck Volume C/D added to FX Knob1 and Knob 2 (no FX Parameters enabled), Loop IN+OUT to LoopSection Pad 7+8, Beatphase Monitor Position changed


Added in 3.0:

Remapped für Traktor 2.5

New: 4 Deck Mode, Loop Recorder

Deck Mode C+D: 2x4 FX-Presets Group Mode, Strip-controlled

4 Decks, 2 FX-Sections


!!! Import the Mapping with the BIG Import Button !!!

Browser Sektion:

Browser Button: only Browser toggle; SHIFT: Collapse/Expand Tree

Browser Knob: List scroll; SHIFT: Tree scroll

Browser Knob: PUSH-Load Track to Preview Deck, scroll= forward-back, PUSH again= back to scroll Modus

4 Deck: 2/4 Deck Layout toggle, Shift: Show advanced Panel CUE Mode

Load A/C  B/D: Load Track; SHIFT: unload

Little Knobs left and right: Favorits, With SHIFT: Record On, Cruise Mode ON


Mixer Sektion:

Mid+SHIFT: Key

FX Selector: Loop Size; PUSH: Activate Loop; Tempo Enc.: Move Loop when in Loop

FX Selector+SHIFT: Select Effect FX1+ FX2, Shift+push= Key ON/OFF Decks A/C+B/D

Filter Knob+SHIFT: Gain

Filter Button: Shift= Deck Flavor A/B

PFL+shift=Deck Flavor C/D




All FX Parameter Buttons OFF: all Led´s dark

1.     FX-1 Dry/Wet

2.     Deck C Volume, SHIFT: Sample Volume Deck C (all Samples), push=Deck Size A/B

3.     Deck D Volume, SHIFT: Sample Volume Deck D (all Samples),push=Deck Size C/D

4.     FX-2 Dry/Wet

Instead of FX Param.3= LOOP Recorder:

1.     turn: Dry/Wet

2.     turn: Loop Size,  push: Record

3.     Push: Play, Shift+Push=Delete


Instead of FX Param.4= Mixer:

1.     Sweep Drama Effect

2.     Deck C Volume; PUSH: Autofade to A

3.     Deck D Volume; PUSH: Autofade to B

4.     Mastervolume Traktor


FX-3 ON : Snap ON/OFF

FX-4 ON: Crossfader ON/OFF


Deck Section: A+B

Sync. +SHIFT: Set to Master

Cue+SHIFT: Jump to Track Start, Trackend warning light up red

Play= Play,  Shift: Play C/D   Leds:green, paused: red

Swipe: Pitchbend, Shift+Swipe= Scratch

Drop: Search

Tempo Enc.: Tempo slow; SHIFT: Tempo fast; PUSH: Reset Tempo, Shift+push=Loop active

When Track is in Loop: Move Loop

Back/ FWD: Beatjump 1 bar; SHIFT: Track Seek (Position Feedback at Stripe)


Trigger Pads:

Hot Cues= Hot Cue  Note: Hot Cues Button has SHIFT Function (easier to delete a Hot Cue) LED´S: Stored Loops are green, normal Cue´s are amber, Beatmarkers are brighter


FX: Standard function Single Mode

1-4= FX1+2 Units ON/OFF Decks A-D (red)

5-8= Pre-selected Effects  (Single Mode A/B), (Group Mode Deck C/D) to freeze Delay in Group Mode (Pad 1)=push Left FX Button

Note: When a Preset Effect is on Air, Led Pad 3+4 changes to green. At this time you have no visual feedback if FX 3+4 are ON or Off !



Like Original, added: Loop IN-Pad7 (amber), Loop OUT-Pad8 (bright amber)


Beat Grid (Remix Decks) Traktor 2.5

1-4 Play/Mute/Load  (Primary+Secondary Function (SHIFT)  like Traktor S4)

5-8 Retrigger; SHIFT: Play Mode: Loop/One Shot

To Cue/Play /Stop all Samples use the Main Deck Play/Cue Button (Deck Mode C/D)

Led Colors:1-4


Load= amber


5-8 One shot=red

5-8 Loop Mode=green


Here´s a simple description for the Remix Deck on Traktor 2.5 (Map-Ver.3.x) works like Traktor´s S4:

1. To start playing all Samples you have to use the Track Play Button of Deck C or D. Deck Mode C/D is the best for it.(or use Shift and Play in Deck A/B Mode)

2. Enable Sample Mode

3. To load a Sample from Trackbrowser hold "Samples" Button and press Pad 1-4

4. To capture a Sample from the Deck above press Pad 1-4 without using "Sample" Button    (one Slot must be empty!!)

5. To mute/unmute a Sample Slot use Pad 1-4

6. To stop a Sample hold "Samples" and press Pad 1-4, to delete a Sample hold "Samples" and press Pad 1-4 two times

7. To retrigger Sample press Pad 5-8. Retrigger starts Sample playing if Deck Play is in Stop Position.

8. To change SampleMode between Single and LoopMode hold "Samples" and press Pad 5-8


FX Mode Preset Single Effects Deck A/B


Pad 5: Short Delay

Pad 6: Long Delay

Pad 7: Reverb

Pad 8: Iceverb



Pad 5: Flanger

Pad 6: Filter92LFO

Pad 7: Gater

Pad 8: Turntable Brake


FX-Mode: Deck C/D

Trigger Pads-Deck Mode C/D  FX-Presets Group Effects:


Pattern 1-4: FX-Units On/Off for Decks A-D


Left Stripe C:

Pattern 5: Beatmasher Effect



Delay T3


Pattern 6: Sweet Drama Effect


Peak Filter



Pattern 7: Delay Effect like Ean Golden

Delay Single Mode ON/OFF,

Push Tempo to freeze the Delay


Pattern 8: Gater/Beatmasher Effect



Reverb T3


Right Stripe D:

Pattern 5: Self created

Delay T3

Peak Filter



Pattern 6: Detox (E.G)





Pattern 7: Build (E.G)



Peak Filter


Pattern 8: Swirl (E.G)

Flanger Flux





-Deck Functions for A+B are working on Deck C/D instead of Set/Loop Encoder, Pitch Bend (Stripe is reserved for FX Presets Group Mode)

-Beatphase Monitor on Back/FWD Buttons for Deck A/B, for Deck C/D on Back/FWD Buttons + Shift Buttons

-Press "Mixer" toggles VU Meter to Post-Fader Masterout, press PFL-Cue goes back to Channel Cue VU Meter Pre-Fader

Off Led Status Dimm Mode expect Sync. Button

Led feedback at Load Buttons when Loop is active

Shift Function also works at HotCues, FX, Loop and Samples Buttons

Push &hold and turn Browser Knob scroll in Tree-Folders


Deck Overlay Photo and Labels are included



Comments, Voting and Bug reports are welcome 

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v3.4.0
ManuManiac over 9 years ago
Tested with Twitch and Traktor 2.6 It still work everything. Very great work :)
phil jensen over 9 years ago
hey, I might buy a twitch just for this mapping! Does anyone know of any youtube videos where it is demonstrated? I can't seem to be able to find any.
DarkFoxDK about 10 years ago
Definitely an awesome mapping! I ended up moving the beat phase to Shift for A/B, and not using back/fwd for it at all, as they would go out of sync, which ended up being just plain annoying.
D-Creator about 10 years ago
Hi there, Does anyone know how the pattern effects work with this mapping on the twitch controller? Been waiting for a month for an anwser and i've imported this mapping with the big import button. The pattern effects don't work...tried everything. Hope somebody can help me...thanks
viper9711 about 10 years ago

Hi, unfortunately I can not help you, because I sold my Twitch. What exactly is the problem? Is there no response of the effects? Or just in the wrong order? It´s not easy to find a bug without the Twitch but I will do my best ;) Greets viper9711

D-Creator about 10 years ago

Hi Viper! Too bad that you sold your Twitch. You did a great job on the traktor mapping for the twitch...i really love it! The only thing i can not get to work are the pattern effects. I read your comment on djsunil, you wrote; 1.Go to Deck Mode C/D 2 Enable FX 3. Select Pad 5-8 for one Effect, Group Effect changes 4. Drop to Stripe with your Finger=Effect activate 5. Swipe your Finger from Left to right. I've been trying this for weeks, its still not working so i hope you can help me. I go to deck c/d mode, i turn on the fx 3 on button (fx section) fx 1 on and fx 2 on buttons are off? Than i turn on the fx button in the trigger pads section and than? Mabye you can decribe it a little easier. Thanks in advance and again, this mapping wil get everything out of this controller!!! Would be great if i also can use the pattern effects. Thanks, greetz d-creator

teeb1986 about 10 years ago
Ok, for those having problems even when using the big import button, do the effects have to be in a specific order inthe effects preferences? The part where u select what effects to use? The map is perfect apart from the pre assigned eefects on both decks. Anyone else having the same problem?
D-Creator about 10 years ago

Hi, no same problem here...read my comments down below. Many people have this problem and that's too bad because the rest of the mapping is so great. Viper did a really good job and now i love the controller. (serato itch software was a pain in the ass) But i really hope that Viper can solve this problem before i use this controller with this mapping on the road. Ivé asked for a quick youtube vid to explain how the pattren effects work. Grtz