MF3D Ravishing IG + Remix Decks All in One

Description and Instructions

UPDATE!!!! 07/07/2013 V2.0

This update reflects the new MF3D firmware update. If you are using V1.0 of this mapping you will need to load the Legacy->Remix Deck firmware for this mapping to work as expected. 
This can be found in the Tools->Alternate Firmware section of the MF Utility


* New animation states for Active buttons.

* Old Key and Pan Adjust button is now the Sync and Master Tempo (Shift + Sync) button. 

* Filter, Key Adjust, and Pan are now on o
ne button. Filter toggle (Normal function), Key Adjust (Shift + Filter enables Key Adjust, press the button once in here to enable Pan. Pressing this button toggles Key and Pan. To Exit Back to Filter Mode, Press Shift + Key button again).

* Flux Mode now has its dedicated Button (Top Right side Button).

See the new Image Guide below:


This is an all in one edit of Flashflooders MF3D DeckGratMotion Mapping, but with major additions!

For Traktor V2.6 ONLY!

* To properly use this mapping, your MF3D needs to be in "4 Banks Disabled Hold mode" (Do this in the MF utility).

* The top 4 mode buttons will select the Deck Focus. Make sure that Deck Focus is set to Software in the Global Settings of the Preferences so you can see/use the Deck Focus (the Deck letter highlighted yellow).

* If you hold on any of the effect buttons and then move/tilt the controller in the back motion, it will relatively modulate the rate of the held effect.

* Forward motion will add in a Reverb+Delay effect.

*When Motion FX Presets toggle button in held down, you can select from a number of presets, each vertical half of the bottom three row of buttons will designate what side motionFX are selected (indicated by a flashing LED). You can press the buttons in the two left most columns to set the Left Motion Presets and/or press the buttons in the two right most columns to set the Right Motion Presets. The majority of these presets contain the new Macro FX!

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