DJTT S2 Custom Mapping 4 Track Decks

Description and Instructions

1-11-13 UPDATE!!

I am no Longer an owner of the S2, I've recently purchased a Z2 and so I am no longer updating this mapping.  If any of you would like to download the latest TSI and continue mapping upon it please feel free to do so.


12-11-12 UPDATE for Traktor Version 2.6 ONLY!!!

Received a lot of request regarding this mapping so here they are:

* Reset Button LED is now ON when Tempo Fader is manually set reset Zero.

* Key Adjust is now set to Shift + Loop Size Encoder

* Tap Tempo Enabled, Shift + Tap other Shift. Deck A & C (Hold Right Shift + Tap Left Shift) Deck B & D (Hold Left Shift + Tap Right Shift)

* Center Samples Knob is now Volume Fader adjust for Decks C and D. Turning this adjust both C and D at the same time, for individual volume adjustment, Hold Left Shift + Samples Knob for Deck C, and Right Shift + Samples Knob for Deck D. This lets you control Decks C and D while focused on A and B for simultaneous control. Please note that if you are focused on C and D you can still adjust the volume using the up faders. ***This Knob used to adjust Monitor cue level but that knob is already in the front of the S2 unit.

* Added Snap (Left Shift + A Samples Button) Quantize (Right Shift + B Samples Button).

* Added a second TSI, one for Gain (Shift + Gain for Filter) and Filter (Shift + Gain for Gain).


11-11-12 UPDATE for Traktor v 2.6 ONLY!

Added Flux Mode, and Macro FX are now load options.

Key Features:

* Flux Mode - On/Off Activate by pressing Shift + Loop Set encoder for all decks.  The hot cue buttons will change color to signal that Fulx Mode is active on that deck. Green LED if no hot cue is active, Light Blue if there is a hot cue active.

* Macro FX - Can be loaded by holding the Shift + FX buttons or Scroll by holding Shift + FX Knobs.


5-1-12 UPDATE to v2.0.1!!!!!

Fixed the Deck Volume faders issue and set to Software Takeover. Fixed the Loop Hot Cue issue, Green LED is now active. Changed the default Filter/Gain knob to GAIN as the default and Shift+Gain for FILTER. Added auto Monitor Cue on all track decks after loading a track to a deck. Shift + Low EQ is now mapped to Deck Balance/Pan.

You can now import using the BIG import button (Import Twice for best results) and then restart Traktor.  It will now load all of the correct effects and Gui settings. REMEMBER to always backup your settings before trying new mappings!!!!!

This mapping removes the Sample Decks Functionality. It allows the S2 to run as a 4 Track Deck controller.  It's a mod of the DJTT S2 V1.2 mapping so this is not using midi mode, this is the full blown NI Protocol with DJTT Jog FX.

Key Features:
* Sample deck buttons A and B now trigger/enable Track Deck C and D. Deck Focus Deck A when Sample button A is disabled, Focus Deck C when Sample button A is enabled. Deck Focus Deck B when Sample button B is disabled, Focus Deck D when Sample button B is enabled.

* Load song to track works on all 4 Track Decks. (If Samples Button A or B are engaged then the load buttons will load to Track Decks C or D)

* Full EQ, Cue, Filter, and Mixer control on all four track decks. (Set to Relative to avoid sudden jumps in sound output)

* DJTT Jog Wheel FX on all four Track Decks individually.

* Sample Volume Knob now functions as Cue volume (easier to work with rather than the front knob.) 

* Full Functionality of deck controls, hot cues, loop in&out, Move and Size Knobs, Tempo fader, Tempo reset, etc on all 4 Track Decks.  
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.