S2 DJTT Jog FX + 4Track Decks + Sample Decks + Midi Fighter Beat Mash with Super Combo!!!!!

Description and Instructions

1-11-13 UPDATE!!

I am no Longer an owner of the S2, I've recently Purchased a Z2 and so I am no longer updating this mapping.  If any of you would like to download the latest TSI and continue mapping upon it please feel free to do so.


11-11-12 UPDATE for Traktor v 2.6

Added Flux Mode, and Macro FX are now load options.

Key Features:

* Flux Mode -  Activate on the fly by holding Right Shift + Left Deck Hotcue Buttons for Decks A and C, and 
holding Left Shift + Right Deck Hotcue Buttons for Decks B and D.

* Macro FX - Can be loaded by holding the Shift + FX buttons or Scroll by holding Shift + FX Knobs.


UPDATE!!!!! V2.5

Native Mode:
S2 DJTT Jog FX + 4Track Decks + Sample Decks + Midi Fighter Beat Mash with Super Combo

Midi Mode: Midi Fighter Pro Fader FX + Super Knobs + Beat Mash with Super Combo.

This is a multiple mapping (3 total tsi) in one.

* New Features:
Native Mode: Fixed the Beat Mash to fully include the Super Combo Transpose effect.  Now when pressing the four hot cue buttons sequentially, the super combo is activated until you release the buttons.  You don't have to press the sync button anymore.

MIDI MODE (Press both Shift Buttons to activate, Make sure that enable midi mode is active in your S2 Preferences)

Midi Fighter Beat Mash + Fader FX + Super Knobs

* Super Knobs - Upper left EFX Knobs are mapped as follows.
Dry Wet Knob = Filter
Knob 1 = Key Adjustment
Knob 2 = Effects unit 3 parameter 2 Adjustment
Knob 3 = Echo Mod

* Fader FX
Left Volume Fader = Now controls Effect unit 1 and 2 depending on the EFX Preset (4 total).

Right Volume Fader = Now controls Effect unit 3 depending on the EFX Preset (4 Total).

* EFX Presets
Upper Left FX buttons
Dry Wet Button = Preset 1
Button 1 = Preset 2
Button 2 = Preset 3
Button 3 = Preset 4

* BeatMash
Hotcue Buttons Trigger Beatmash + Super Combo ONLY! no hotcue or samples trigger are mapped to these buttons while in Midi Mode.

* Upper Right FX Knobs are Mapped to GAIN for all 4 decks.
Dry Wet = Deck A
Knob 1 = Deck C
Knob 2 = Deck B
Knob 3 = Deck D

* Shift = Left Loop Active Knob (Pressed down)

* Jog Wheels only for scratching and pitch bend (NO JOG FX in Midi Mode).

All other Mixer Functions are the same as when in Native Mode. 
Except for the top two rotary encoders, those are left unmapped until further updates.  You can map those to your liking.

Sorry for the delay, I just don't have the time to get all of this to you guys quicker, More updates and fine tuning to follow. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Updated Image with Mapping Details to come.


Status update.
So Traktor 2.5 and this mapping has been pretty stable for the most part, but there are still some lingering issues with some users not getting the Beat Mash mod working correctly.  I too sometimes have to re import this mapping to get it to work correctly, but not often.  So I have been working on a rock solid solution and have found it in the form of Midi mode!! Traktor doesn't have enough modifiers so getting all of these components to work on an s2 when buttons and knobs are being shared has been a pretty tough task, especially when version 2.5 isn't as stable as we would all like it to be.  But the beauty of the S2 is that when both Shift buttons are pressed, the S2 enters Midi Mode, giving us a seamless canvas to play with, I now have the Beat Mash Mod running smoothly and yes the super combo is now fully functional!! I will post the updated mappings once I finish getting all of the basic controls mapped in midi mode. I also feel that we can get the faders and efx knobs to act like the Midi Fighter Pro faders and super knobs along with their efx!! This however will require more time so those features will probably follow this next update.  Thanks for your comments and patience.


UPDATE!!! 6-12-12
Thanks to all of you who have commented and gave ideas, it has really improved this mapping and made it a joy to use! I feel it's one of the best mappings available for the S2. 

* Please note - I decided to only use/update the mapping using the "Samples Knob" as a dedicated filter. The feel of that knob for Filter, when compared to the endless Gain encoders is so much better, and gives you a more accurate representation of the filter sweep. Besides there is already a Cue volume knob in the front of the unit.

* Transpose Stretch Beatmash Combo - While in "Beat Mash Mod" "SYNC" Button (HOLD). 
This sounds amazing and it can be triggered whenever you want (You don't have to hold all four beatmasher buttons to hear this, though you can if you want). Just hold down the Sync button and you'll get an incredible sounding effect, plus you can catch the tail end of the effect and beatmash that!! It sounds amazing. It emulates the Midi Fighter Beat Mash Super Combo.

* Pitch/Tempo Adjustment - Shift + Loop in (Decrease) and Shift + Loop Out (Increase).

* Fixed the Delete Hot Cue issue found in previous versions.

It appears that the Previous Version buttons on this site are pointing to the latest mapping and not to the older ones. 
For Previous Versions download from below:


UPDATE!!!! 6-2-12

Added a second .tsi file with a dedicated Filter Knob Mod (DJTT S2 4Track Decks + Sample Decks + Beat Mash + Filter Knob v2.1.tsi). The "Samples" Volume Knob is now the dedicated Filter Knob for every deck that is currently focused.  Be sure to have your global settings, "Deck Focus" set to "Software".

*Please Note that Shift + Gain Knob (Push) is still mapped to reset the filter of the focused deck since there is no push state on the Samples Knob.


UPDATE!!!! 5-27-12
Fixed a number of issues found in the new Traktor v2.5. Traktor 2.5 is a little unstable so as Traktor updates become available so will updates to this mapping.  For Traktor 2.1.2 use version 1.0 of this mapping.

If you want to change the default Gain/Filter Knob to Filter and Shift + Filter = Gain follow the simple instructions below:

In order to switch the mapping so that you have filter as the default and shift for Gain you have to adjust the modifiers in the mappings in this way. Find the "Gain" mappings, change all instances of m1=0 to m1=1 and m2=0 to m2=1. Now find the "Filter" and "Filter on" mappings. Change all instances of m1=1 to m1=0 and m2=1 to m2=0.


REMEMBER to always backup your settings before trying new mappings!!!!!

Use the Big IMPORT button and import this twice then relaunch Traktor for best results.

This mapping Is the all in one we've all been waiting for. It allows the S2 to run as a 4 Track Decks, 3 Track Decks + 1 Sample Deck, or 2 Track Decks + 2 Sample decks Controller.  It's a mod of the DJTT S2 V1.2 mapping so this is not using midi mode, this is the full blown NI Protocol with DJTT Jog FX. PLUS it also includes a Midi Fighter Beat Mash Mod!!

Key Add-ons/Features:

* 4 Effects Units - Effects Unit 1 and 2 are DJTT Jog FX, Effects Unit 3 is Midi Fighter Beat Mash Mod, and Effect Unit 4 is Echo Mod.

* Shift + loop set = Midi Fighter Beat Mash Mod On/Off. Shift LED stays on when enabled and hot cue buttons light up green when pressed.

* Shift + Loop size = Key Adjustment when the track deck Keylock is enabled.

* Changed the default Filter/Gain knob to GAIN as the default and Shift+Gain for FILTER.

* Added auto Monitor Cue on all track decks after loading a track to a deck.

* Shift + Low EQ is now mapped to Deck Balance/Pan.

* Left FX Button 1 = Track Deck A (with Deck Focus)
* Left FX Button 2 = TRack Deck C 
(with Deck Focus only if no samples are loaded in Sample Decks, they have to be empty)
Left Shit + FX 1 or 2 = Effect Unit ON/Off switch

* Right FX Button 1 = Track Deck B (with Deck Focus)
* Right FX Button 2 = Track Deck D
(with Deck Focus only if no samples are loaded in Sample Decks, they have to be empty)
Right Shit + FX 1 or 2 = Effect Unit ON/Off switch
* Sample deck buttons A and B  trigger/enable Sample Decks Deck C and D (with Deck Focus).

* Load song to track works on all 4 Track Decks, Load buttons A will load to Track A or C (whichever is deck focused) and Load button B will load to track B or D (whichever is deck focused).

* Full EQ, Cue, Filter, and Mixer control on all four track decks and Sample decks. (Set to Software Takeover to avoid sudden jumps in sound output)

* DJTT Jog Wheel FX on all four Track Decks + Sample decks individually.

* Sample Volume Knob now functions as Cue volume (easier to work with rather than the front knob.) 

* Full Functionality of deck controls, hot cues, loop in&out, Move and Size Knobs, Tempo fader, Tempo reset, etc on all 4 Track Decks.

HD Image Visit:
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.6.0
Ben Ursell almost 11 years ago
Hi Ravishing, I have a Midi Fighter 3D and an S2. Is there a way to make the mapping work with the 3D, I have tried a few things but nothing seems to be working, any ideas?
Ravishing almost 11 years ago

Hello Ben, I received both your comments, here and in the forum accounts, I have been able to use both units at the same time without any issues other than initially having to press a button twice on the MF3D to switch the effect and then trigger it on/off. The FX settings on both of these units are identical so they should play nice together. Are you using the big import button when bringing in the S2 mapping? I would suggest to do that first, then use the smaller drop menu Import option to bring in the MF3D Mapping.

Ben Ursell almost 11 years ago

Are you referring to the Instant Grat mapping for the 3D? I have imported the S2 mapping fine but just the 3D that isn't working at the moment, I have it in 4 banks disabled mode and Traktor ready. The CTRL light indicates I'm using the 3D but none of the effects are being activating when trying to use it. Thanks for responding so promptly.

Ravishing almost 11 years ago

Yes the Instant Grat mapping is the one I'm referring to. Make sure the Midi-fighter is set at "4 Banks Disabled Hold mode". I that doesn't work, I would suggest, flashing the MF3d, then starting over.

Ben Ursell almost 11 years ago

I have tried both. Yet neither seems to work. Is there any instructions or guides to follow when merging TSI's? I am about to try merging it with my own mapping and seeing if that works. How am I sure I'm merging the mappings not just overriding my previous mapping with the most recent import? I really want this to work.

Connor almost 11 years ago
What version of traktor is this for?
Ravishing almost 11 years ago

as it's written on the top headline, Traktor V. 2.6.