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Fx frequency isolator - DJM 900 Nexus 2 reconstruction Midi FIghter 3D

Description and Instructions

  • Sup boys

  • Here is my mapping of the FX Frequency Isolator. I got the idea when I watched the review of the DJM 900 Nexus 2.

  • It allows you to apply effects on either low, mid or hi frequency. It's pretty intuitive =)


  • Basicly the mapping is working just as the DJM; press one or two isolator button to isolate the frequency you wanna have fun with. You can also press the 3 buttons.

  • How it's working:
  • Select a deck with a running track. Duplicate it, and copy it to isolator deck D.Deck D will be mute until you start playing with the isolator buttons. I mapped it this way, so there's no burst of sound due to duplicated tracks.

  • Note: there's no effects mapped in the .tsi file. you'll find great ones here on DJTT.
  • Note2: Its mapped on channel 3, Bank1

  • Here's a picture of the mapping with color codes and stuff. I also wrote down the MF3D notes (i.e C#2 or E2) so that you can easily remap it on the buttons you like. You'll need 7.

  • Give some feedback :)

  • Have fun with it

  • trabz
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Comments for v0.1.1
Ezmyrelda 10 months ago
Oh crap.. this file is for boys only? Ok.. I'd like to hear about it if you ever upload a version for girls too.