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Allen & Heath Xone:K2 4DeckBasic v06

Description and Instructions

This is a mapping for basic 4-deck control of Traktor with the Allen & Heath Xone:K2.  It handles internal mixing (line faders & EQs), FX Unit assign, basic transport, & hotcues (1-4) for each deck.

The line faders, EQs, FX unit assign,channel monitor, & Gain work for decks setup as either track or sample decks.

The transport (layer 2 -Amber) & hotcues (layer 3 - green) are relevant only for track decks

Everything is divided along vertical strips...one for each Deck C,A,B,D order.

Top encoders are for gain..push for channel monitor. Rotary pots and their buttons for EQs and EQ Kills, Line faders are self explanatory.

I have only the bottom set of buttons set to use layers
Layer 1: turn on FX units 1-4 for each deck
Layer 2: Play, Cue, Sync, load selected track to deck
Layer 3: Hotcues 1-4 for each deck

bottom encoders: left encoder scrolls through track list, push button loads and plays track in preview player, right encoder seeks through track playing in the preview player

Button on bottom right is SHIFT
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Comments for v0.6.0
Alexandre over 1 year ago
Hi, just got my K2 and i'm trying to figure out how to switch between the 3 layers. Anyone could help me out please?
kristian over 1 year ago

did you figure this out? im struggling with it to

Drew over 2 years ago
I found the LED outputs were not set to the right buttons but once I had re-set these this is generally a great layout for Carl Cox style 4 deck banger mixes
AL almost 3 years ago
I'm using and editing a version of this mapping. For now I would like to try an ABCD version, include loops, and master/cue volume. Anyone else playing around with this map?
Pavlidis over 3 years ago
hey there is there any mappimg for the filters for each chanel ?
prjct96 over 6 years ago
Hi! Great mapping! I was wondering how you mapped the Channel Monitor, I can't find it on the Traktor Mapping screen :/ Thanks!