Xone:K2 Basic 2Decks + 2 FX Units

Description and Instructions

This is a basic mapping for Traktor to control 2 decks plus 2 fx units.  It requires the use the K2's latching layers to enable the hotcues.

Middle 2 channel strips are for Decks A & B: EQs, EQ Kills, volume faders, transport etc.
Outer 2 channels: FX Units 1 & 2: params on the knobs, dry/wet on the faders.

Layer 2 has support for Hotcues 1-8 for decks A & B.  You need the latching layers enabled for the bottom 4x4 switch matrix to access the hotcues...
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Comments for v0.2.0
Fox Owlcat 8 months ago
Hello everybody, is it an external mixer mode configuration?
Markkos89 almost 3 years ago
hello, this mapping is great, im trying to copy some values from the loop size selector to my own mapping but i cant get it work. any help?
Earl about 3 years ago
Hello, what is the channelfor this map? I know that it is on layer2. Thanks!
cereal watson over 5 years ago
I have a question, I just downloaded this mapping (Great btw), I did one change and I made the high's and high kills my filters since I don't use the hi's mid's and low's. Will change the mids and lows at some point. anyway, I am wondering if anyone of you guys know of a site/place or company where I may purchase or create a template for the actual controller. Like a sticker decal that shows me my command assignments. Like what I have my knobs, leds, faders and pads below set to. I play live in a couple weeks and personally don't feel to confident that I will have everything memorized by then. Any info PLEASE email it to me at: Cereal.astral@gmail.com It will be GREATLY appreciated.
Ayd68 over 5 years ago
Dirtynerd, I just got myself a k2 and added the most recent tsi file you supplied! great stuff :) Just one question when im on latching layers and delete the hotcues the track jumps to the hotcue deleted? is this how its mapped or am i doing something wrong? thanks
Philip Meyer over 4 years ago

set m1=0 for Delete Hotcue. This makes it so that you only jump to the hotcue (or create a new hotcue) when shift is not pressed