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Xone:K2 4 Decks + 4 FX Units

Description and Instructions

This mapping controls 4 decks plus 4 FX units in Traktor.  It uses the K2's latching layers (with all controls: knobs, encoders, faders, button matrix used in the layers).

Layout is:
C - A - B - D for decks
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 for FX Units

Layer 1 (RED) is EQs, line faders and transport for 4 decks
Layer 2 (Amber) FX params, dry/wet, and FX Unit on/off for all 4 FX units
Layer 3 (Green) Hotcues, filters, and loop set & size for 4 decks.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.5.0
Branko Von Holleben over 1 year ago
map almost 5 years ago
The layout idea is super good. Unfortunately, on 2.6 it barely works. Alot of functions doesn't work, such as sync decks, kill EQ's, loop size etc. Are you going to update your tsi? It'd be rad!! many thanks
Matias Tucson about 5 years ago
Hi everyone, i cannot make it work, K2 set to all controls buttons, etc (green mode on setup) and no controlling of anything at all on traktor scratch pro 2.6 any idea? your version of 2 decks + effects works perfect though
Neil about 5 years ago
The layers dont work for me in version 2.6! Is there any chance the version can be updated please?
Chris over 5 years ago
I've been using this mapping and I added a few things that were missing from my work flow and I fixed the stuff that wasn't working correctly since the 2.6 update. I was just curious If I had your permission to post my version for the benefit of anyone looking for a 4deck + 4fx k2 mapping (with credit to you of course).
DirtyNerd over 5 years ago

Absolutely! I am all about open source and sharing with the community!

Ewout over 5 years ago

hi Chris, could you post the version you were talking about ;)? Would like to try it out. Thanks for the work of both you guys!

Max Burgoyne over 4 years ago

Hi there, did this mapping ever get updated to work with the latest version of Traktor? if not can you point me in the right direction to where I would find it? Many thanks

ardalan sotoudeh over 1 year ago

hi, did this update got posted ? can i have a link ?