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Mapping Traktor Kontrol S2 / 7 FX on the Jog !! & Alternative FX on shift+loop knobs !! Choose on live...

Description and Instructions

When you download sometimes file extension is xlm, It's because TSI files are actually XML format. Some browsers change the file extension if they recognize the format. After copy on your desk just change from .xml to .tsi and it will work fine. Have a nice day

With Traktor Pro 2.7.1 DJTT Kontrol S2 with Fx on Jog !!
  • 3 Group Fx by jog, then you can choose between !
  • 6 (7 with trick) different Group Fx and play with Jog with them:
  • Trick: when you put shift reset for the track for the first time  you have these FX Beat/Peak/Ice after when you select another Fx you can t. Do shift/Tempo reset to have again this FX.
  • The choice Fx Group on jog can use and choose in Deck A or B...
  • in this map:
  • Left deck: shift left & left jog to choose:
  • 1> transpos/event/transpos
  • 2> zzzurp/reverb/ice
  • 3> delay/granu/reverb
  • Right deck: shift right & right jog to choose:
  • 1> wormh/gater/delay
  • 2> tapedelay/ice/lasers
  • 3> flangepulse/transpo/reverb
  • *rotary Dry/Wet sensitivity & acceleration are changed too for these Fx
  • note: to change what you want in Fx Group, in controller manager,
  • enlarge "comment" in controller manager, find "Left or Right Jog Encoder" 
  • and select JogFX Ax Fx
  • ex: JogFX A2 Peak Filter
  • and
  • in "button options, select the Fx what you want
  • repeat  for each Fx...
  • What else ?
  • Nothing.
  • Enjoy...
New New: well i have changed Echo Mode 1 & 2 for the right Deck & left deck:
Well amazing: 
shift+loop knobs left:
push one time shift+left loop knob=echo ramp delay∞
push one time shift+right loop knob=echo delay∞
push another time shift+left loop knob=echo sound grow down
push another time shift+right loop knob=echo sound grow up
alternative between echo and sound grow up & down ...
try all combinations...

Left: shift/left loop button : Ramp Delay
Left: shift/right loop button : Delay T3

during the track engage left echo mode and after few seconds right echo mode the pitch track grow up and when you engage again left echo mode it the pitch track grow down...amazing 

Right: shift/left loop button : Beatslicer
Right: shift/right loop button : Beatmasher 2

good for transition...Take a look...

> When the FX "echo loop" is on with for example shift/right loop button "beatmasher"
you can stop play track, the FX go on, and you can load another track, then you play FX taken with the old track and new track...together.

But less is better, don't put too much FX, let's the song live !

Be seeing U !

And if you want listen and why not buy music...

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Comments for v3.3.1
david almost 7 years ago
hello it's good for a traktor s2 mk2 ? thanks for your job
bbTracks almost 7 years ago

Salut David, i think it is not totally compatible with the mk2, because of programming functions and therefore have been added with the Mk2...but I haven't got the chance to map out the mk2 yet, cause i have MK1. You should definitely enter into the controller manager to disconnect or change some programming line, which ? That is the question, certainly the added lines. If it does t work you must import https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/2212 from the best Psychomapper the Great Master BeauBryte and enter into controller manager, after you can find the same line that i have change like for example on comment "echo mode activer (shift+) " into the controller manager MK1and reproduce. Have a nice mix Be seeing U !

david almost 7 years ago

many thanks best regards David