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Mapping Traktor Kontrol S2 / 7 FX on the Jog ! FX on shift+loop knobs with dual effects / Freeze Mode...

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Description and Instructions

When you download sometimes file extension is xlm, It's because TSI files are actually XML format. Some browsers change the file extension if they recognize the format. After copy on your desk just change from .xml to .tsi and it will work fine. Have a nice day.

New Map with Traktor Pro 2.10.0 Freeze Mode included. 
Map for Kontrol S2 with Fx on Jog !!

  • 3 Group Fx by jog, then you can choose between !
  • 6 (7 with trick) different Group Fx and play with Jog with them:
  • Trick: when you put shift reset for the track for the first time  you have these FX Beat/Peak/Ice after when you select another Fx you can t. Do shift/Tempo reset to have again this FX.
  • The choice Fx Group on jog can use and choose in Deck A or B...

  • In this Map:

  • Left deck: shift left & turn left jog to choose FX group :
  • 1> TransposeStretch / Zzzurp / Delay
  • 2> EventHorizon / Reverb / GranuPhase
  • 3> RingModulator / Bass o Matic / Reverb
  • Right deck: shift right & right jog to choose FX group:
  • 1> Wormhole / TapeDelay / FlangerPulse
  • 2> Beatmasher2 / TransposeStretch / ReverbT3
  • 3> ReverbT3 / LaserSlicer / TransposeStretch
  • * Special rotary Dry/Wet sensitivity & acceleration are changed for these Fx
  • Note: To change what you want in Fx Group, in controller manager,
  • enlarge "comment" in controller manager, find "Left or Right Jog Encoder" 
  • and select JogFX Ax Fx
  • ex: JogFX A2 Peak Filter
  • and
  • in "button options, select the Fx what you want
  • repeat  for each Fx...
--> New New: well i have changed Echo Mode 1 & 2 for the right Deck & left deck:

Left: shift+left loop button : FX = Ramp Delay
Left: shift+right loop button : FX = DelayT3

Right: shift+left loop button : FX = Delay
Right: shift+right loop button :FX =  Delay T3

When you use shift+loop knobs on Deck A or Deck B Jump between them...:
>push one time shift+left loop knob=RampDelay ∞
>push one time shift+right loop knob=Delay ∞

When you use shift+loop knobs on Deck B (right):
>push one time shift+left loop knob=Strrretch Slow ∞
>push another time shift+right loop knob=Delay T3 ∞

Dual Effects with Echo Mode:
If you active one time an Echo Mode only FX is played
If you Jump during track between, shift+left loop knob...and shift+right loop knob...Track plays during jumping with effects...

Amazing effects combined...

Freeze Mode available:
> Freeze Mode On:
 shift+Loop In Button

> Freeze Mode Off:
 shift+Loop Out Button

Play a track with flux mode off, press shift+Loop In Button to activate blue slices,Turn the Loop Set Knob right
to adjust the size of the slices.Use the 4 HotCue Buttons to trigger the slices.

But less is better, don't put too much FX, let's the song live !

Be seeing U !

And if you want listen Music and feel you more alive...

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