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S2MK3 - morscho edition - 4 pad modes, deck fx, lots of tweaks

Description and Instructions

Hi DJTT community!

I just wanted to share the mapping for the Traktor Kontrol S2MK3 I created over the last weeks.

Highlights of this mapping

  • 2 new pad modes with instant fx (THX Tekken!)
  • deck fx controls (THX Acid Alex!)
  • a lot of tweaks (waveform zoom, key adjust, key reset, reverse play, unload track and many more)

For a complete list of all features, see the attached text file.


Install the mapping by importing the TSI file via the "big" import button in the preferences menu.

Perform this twice to get the correct effect settings needed for pad mode 3 and 4.

Please let me know if you have feature suggestions, hints and any other form of feedback.

Also, please report bugs in the comments.


Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.1
PheonyX 28 days ago
When I press HOTCUES or SAMPLES on Deck B, it behaves like I had SHIFT pressed and it goes into Pad FX. Deck A works as expected, this seems to only affect Deck B. What could I try to fix it?
morscho 28 days ago

Sounds like the Modifier for Deck B (IIRC its M3) has a non-zero value, when it should be zero. That should not happen. All modifiers should be zero when the config is imported. Could you provide the steps you took so I can reproduce this behavior? Which version of T3 and controller firmware did you use?

PheonyX 26 days ago

I have Traktor Pro 3.3.0 108. The problems seem to come from the controller config: a) Modifier #3 | In | Right.Pad Mode.Samples | M3=0 | *M1=0* b) Modifier #3 | In | Right.Pad.Mode.Samples | M3=2 | M1=0: *[ ] Override factory map* c) Modifier #1 | Out | Right.Pads.3.Plum | M3=2: *Midi Range Max 127* I still have an issue where the lights are not always correct when switching from Pad FX 1/2 to Hotcues / Samples.

Jon Simo about 1 month ago
Where's the attached text file?
morscho about 1 month ago

Inititially I forgot to attach it in version 1.0.1. Fixed it now.