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Tekken's Kontrol S4 MK3 Ultimate Mapping v1.3 with new PAD MODES

Description and Instructions

Tekken’s Kontrol S4 MK3 Ultimate Mapping v1.3


This mapping adds new pad modes and some other gimmicks to the default mapping. All of the original controller features are still accessible.


It is possible to combine this mapping with my Kontrol F1 Ultimate mapping but there will be some conflicts if you are using effects with both mappings simultaneously.


1. Installation:


1. Start Traktor and use the “Import” button at the bottom of the Traktor preferences window to load the “Effect Settings v1.0.tsi” into Traktor. It is important to do this import step twice! Otherwise, wrong effects will triggered.


2. In the preferences window, go to “Controller Manager” -> “Add…” -> “Import TSI” -> “Import other” and import the file “Tekken’s Kontrol S4 MK3 Ultimate Mapping v1.3.tsi”. The mapping should now be appear under “Device”.


3. Check if the “In-Port” and “Out-Port” of this new mapping are set to your Kontrol S4 MK3.


4. Delete the original “Traktor.Kontrol S4 MK3” default mapping or other older versions of this mapping (“Edit… -> “Delete”).



2. Usage/new features:


In advance, this mapping is using blinking LED feedback of some buttons. This blinking is only active if at least one deck is playing. If all decks are stopped, the LED feedback is not fully visible.


2.1 New pad modes:


Press one of the “SHIFT” buttons and one of the three pad mode buttons (“Hotcue”/”SAMPLES”/”STEMS”) simultaneously to activate a new pad mode of your desired deck. The selected pad mode button is now blinking to show that one of the new pad modes is activated. Press one of the “SHIFT” buttons and one of the three pad mode buttons simultaneously again to deactivate the new pad mode and switch back to the original mode. Now the pad mode button has stopped its blinking.


2.1.1 SHIFT HOTCUE and SHIFT SAMPLES pad mode (=effects mode)


·         Hold one of the eight pads to start a different effect. The Echo Freeze effect starts and stops via toggle and not via hold. If the Echo Freeze effect is activated while switching modes, it automatically deactivates to prevent oblivion.

·         Hold all four Beatmasher buttons simultaneously to start a Turntable Stop combo.

·         Some effects cannot be combined with each other.


Note that the Traktor Effect Unit 1 is completely unused in this mapping. You can use Unit 1 manually furthermore.

2.1.2 SHIFT STEMS pad mode (=freeze/slicer mode)


The freeze/slicer mode will start as soon as you enter this pad mode. If you want to restart it, you have switch to another pad mode and then switch back to the freeze/slicer pad mode again. Press one of the eight pads to trigger a slice. You can adjust the freeze/slicer size by holding the “STEMS” button while turning the loop encoder.

Tip: Try to activate a loop or enable the flux mode in combination with this mode.


2.2 Effect selection


Turn one of the effect knobs of the effect units while holding one of the “SHIFT” buttons to select an effect. (There was no possibility to select an effect in the originally S4 MK3 mapping.)


2.3 Backward Move Loop


Press one of the “SHIFT” buttons and a loop encoder simultaneously to start a backward move loop. This means that the moment you are activating the loop is not the start point but the ending point of the loop. This can be very useful.


2.4 Finer key adjustment


Turn one of the loop encoders while holding one of the “SHIFT” buttons to change the key in finer adjustments than in the original mapping.


2.5 Duplicate Deck


Press the following combinations to duplicate a deck to another:


Right Shift + Deck A Select           =             Duplicate Deck B/D to Deck A

Right Shift + Deck C Select           =             Duplicate Deck B/D to Deck C

Right Shift + Deck B Select           =             Duplicate Deck D to Deck B

Right Shift + Deck D Select           =             Duplicate Deck B to Deck D

Left Shift + Deck B Select              =             Duplicate Deck A/C to Deck B

Left Shift + Deck D Select             =             Duplicate Deck A/C to Deck D

Left Shift + Deck A Select             =             Duplicate Deck C to Deck A

Left Shift + Deck C Select              =             Duplicate Deck A to Deck C


2.6 Close browse view automatically after loading a track


If you have opened the browse view, it now automatically closes after loading a track.


2.7 Master clock controls


·         Hold a “MASTER” button for more than one second and press one of the browse encoders simultaneously to enable the master clock.

·         Hold a “MASTER” button for more than one second and turn one of the browse encoders to adjust the master clock.


2.8 Change views


·         Press “SHIFT” and “VIEW” simultaneously to change the deck size.

·         Hold a “MASTER” button for more than one second and then press one of the “VIEW” buttons simultaneously to select the next layout.

2.9 Start/Stop record


Hold a “MASTER” button for more than one second and then press one of the record buttons simultaneously to start or stop a record.






Please let me know if there is something wrong or if you have new ideas for improvements. Also, please rate this mapping if you like it!

I have spent many days to build this mapping. Although this mapping will always be free to everyone, you could donate me a beer. Please use the following PayPal link:




Thank you!



Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.3.0
Sheldon Harrison 8 months ago
The backwards loop doesn't seem to work. Can anyone else verify this or am I just doing something wrong? Anyways, great mapping I've tried every mapping I could find and this is the one I've stuck with.
Chris 6 months ago

nope, doesn't work. Just jumping to the beginning or sometimes anywhere years before the beginning. But I agree, very good mapping!

Nik 8 months ago
Cracking features and very easy to use, great stuff
Matt Swindler over 1 year ago
phenomenal mapping. The only real thing i am wondering is why the controller didnt come out of the box like this?? excellent job Tekken, well done.
Jose Pasato almost 2 years ago
I loved this mapping because its very complete and funtional ñ. But I saw that cannot duplicate deck into deck C. It was wrong mapped and I solved it into my pc. Please could I get contact with you? I would like you add the colored hotcues into cue (blue color) i Will pay you if you want please thanks
XRS almost 2 years ago
Loved the mapping, thank you! Do have a question. With your map, as well as my Allen Heath K2 mapping, it seems when you apply BeatMasher, the filter won't engage at the same time. Other effects you can use filter to add flavor to it, but BeatMasher doesn't. I've seen maps before where it worked. Any ideas on fixing that? Thank yoU!