Tekken's Kontrol F1 Ultimate Mapping

Description and Instructions

Tekken’s Kontrol F1 Ultimate Mapping v3.4

The “Tekken’s Kontrol F1 Ultimate Mapping v3.4” gives you the possibility to control instant press effects, fader effects, the freeze/slicer mode, hotcues, loops and more with your Kontrol F1 controller.

The mapping can be used beside the default Kontrol F1 Remix Deck mapping and all Remix Deck controls are still available. Change between this mapping and the default F1 mapping with the buttons "Shift" + "Browse" anytime.


1. If you haven’t Traktor Pro v2.7.0 or newer you have to update your Traktor.

2. Connect your Kontrol F1 and load the .nckf1 file into the Native Instruments controller editor (not the controller editor inside Traktor): Open the editor and select your F1. Select “File”, then “Open” and select the “Tekken’s Kontrol F1 Ultimate Mapping v3.4.nckf1” file. Make sure that on the “Templates” tab (right side of the controller editor window), “Tekken’s Kontrol F1 Ultimate Mapping v3.4” is selected. Close the controller editor.

3. Start Traktor and use the BIG “Import” button at the bottom of the Traktor preferences window to load the “Effect Settings v3.4.tsi” into Traktor. It is important to do this import step twice! Otherwise wrong effects are triggered.

4. In the preferences window, go to “Controller Manager” -> “Add…” -> “Import TST” -> “Import other” and import the file “Tekken’s Kontrol F1 Ultimate Mapping v3.4.tsi”.

5. Go to “Controller Manager” -> “Device” and click each of the 5 new v3.4 Tekken mappings and check if the “In-Port” and “Out-Port” are set to your Kontrol F1. If there are some older Tekken mappings of a previous installation, delete them (“Edit… -> “Delete”).

6. At the “Traktor Kontrol F1” tab (on the left side of the preferences window), switch the “MIDI Mode Type” to “MIDI Mode”.

7. Activate the mapping (see “Usage” below).

8. If there is a problem with the mapping-installation, try updating your NI controller editor, F1 firmware and drivers.


After the installation of the mapping or each time after starting Traktor, the F1 default mapping is activated and you can control your Remix Decks as usual. If you want to toggle between the default mapping and the ultimate mapping, press “Shift” + “Browse” simultaneously.

“Sync” button:
Press it after installing the mapping the first time or each time after starting Traktor at least once. Also use this button in case of a failure in the mapping to reset modifiers and switch all effects off.

Switching pages:
There are 9 pages available. The number of the actual page is indicated in the F1 LED display.
You can toggle between the “master” page 1 and the “slave” pages 2-9 by pressing the “Shift” button. The slave pages (2-9) can be changed by turning the push encoder. Page 9 hasn’t got any functions yet.

Deck selection with “Mute” buttons:
Use the 4 “Mute” buttons at the bottom of the F1 to select the decks you want to affect (from left to right button, deck C A B D). You can select all four decks simultaneously if necessary. After installing the mapping the first time or each time after starting Traktor, press each of the 4 buttons at least once to synchronize the mapping with Traktor.

Effect pads (page 1+2):

  • Hold the pads to start effects. The Echo Freeze effects start and stop via toggle.
  • While some effects are active, you can press the push encoder to activate special effect features. (Echo Freeze, Reverb T3 and Delay T3 have special effect parameters).
  • Press all four Beatmasher buttons simultaneously to start a Turntable Stop combo (only page 1).
  • Some effects can’t be combined with each other.

Note that the Traktor Effect Unit 1 is unused in this mapping. You can use Unit 1 with other controllers if you want.

“Browse” button:

Press the “Browse” button to toggle between the following 2 functions:

  • If the browse button is off, change the parameters of some effects by turning the push encoder while the effect pad is hold. The Makro-Effects (second row of page 2) need to be building up with this method.
  • If the browse button is on, change the dry/wet of some effects by turning the push encoder while the effect pad is hold.

“Capture” button:
Press the capture button to let the effects stay on after releasing the effect pads. If the capture button is blinking, the “toggle mode” for the effect pads is activated. Press the capture button again to disable all effects.

“Reverse” button:
Use this button for a reverse play effect.

Slide up one of the 4 faders to start an effect. The Tape delay effect (right Fader) needs to start slowly because of the effect unit needs a second to load the effect. Slide it up about 2 millimeters to load the effect, wait a second and then slide it up furthermore to activate the effect.

Freeze mode (page 3):
Press one of the 16 pads or the push encoder to start the freeze mode of the selected deck. Adjust the freeze slice size by turning the push encoder while holding the “Size” button. Activate or deactivate the freeze mode by pressing the push encoder.

Loops (page 7):
Press one of the pads to start or stop a specific loop of the selected deck. Alternately, select the loop size by holding the “Size” button and turning the push encoder. Activate or deactivate the loop by pressing the push encoder.

“Quant” button:
While holding the “Quant” button, you can use the following functions:

  • Toggle the flux mode of each deck with the 4 “Mute” buttons (from left to right button, deck C A B D).
  • Delete hotcues by pressing the pads on page 4 and 5.
  • Swap the 4 Makro-Effects of page 2, second row, by turning the 4 knobs. Each of the knobs is selecting one of the effects. Take a look in the effect units to see your selection.

“Size” button:
While holding the “Size” button, you can use the following functions:

  • Adjust the Freeze slice size by turning the push encoder on page 3.
  • Adjust the loop length by turning the push encoder on page 7.

“Type” button (Isolate mode on/off):
Press the “Type” button to activate the Isolate mode. In this mode apply effects only to specific frequencies (lows  /  lows+mids  /  mids  /  mids+highs  /  highs) of the selected deck. Only frequencies of the decks A, B or C and only one at a time can be isolated. The selected deck will be duplicated to deck D. That means you shouldn’t use deck D for other purposes as long as you want to use this isolate mode. The frequency can be selected with the right knob at the top end. After starting Traktor, turn it from left to right once to synchronize the knop with the mapping. Then adjust the frequency from left to right in 5 steps (lows  /  lows+mids  /  mids  /  mids+highs  /  highs). Before starting an effect, the following parameters of the selected deck and deck D should be set equally by yourself: Equalizer, Gain, Key, Filter. The volume fader of the selected deck should be completely up. This isolate mode is only supported by the effect-pads of page 1. If you want to use the fader-effects or the effect-pads of page 2, you have to disable the isolate mode.
If you want to understand more about the concept of this isolate mode, check this link:

Please let me know when there is something wrong with the mapping or if you have new ideas for improvements or new effects. And please rate this mapping if you like it!

I have spent many, hours to build this mapping. Although this mapping will always be free to everyone, you could donate me a beer. Please use the following PayPal link:


Thank you!

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v3.4.0
flow in 7 days ago
is it possible to perform a reset of the map when playing live? I had the gater buttons stop turning the gate on and off, have to quit tracktor to get it right again, would be ice if there's a 'shift+something' button to reset the modifiers (or whatever it is that's causing the issue)
flow in 7 days ago

ah, sorry, you have already. sync button. thanks!

Giuliano Matthew Fenn 16 days ago
Hi Tekken, brilliant work. Absolutely loving it. Is there a way to edit the default D/W value of a said group of FX as the button is pressed without having to use Browse+Encoder to change it on the fly. I'm particularly interested in changing the Macro FX D/W, which I would like at 100%, and the Gater D/W which I'd prefer more subtle. Thanks
becker 3 months ago
Hi Tekken, wird es in der nächsten Zeit Updates zu deinem Mapping geben, wo die neuen Channel Effekte von Traktor 3 auf der F1 zu finden sind ? Ist das ummappen von sonst nicht so häufig genutzten Effekten eher was für mich? Und ist es für jemanden der jetzt nicht so im Thema Mappings ist überhaupt machbar durch dein doch recht komplexes Mapping durchzublicken :) ?
Tekken about 1 month ago

Hi, ich habe auch schon darüber nachgedacht die Mixer Effekte von Traktor 3 auf die 4 Knobs vom F1 zu legen. Allerdings würde ich dann den Isolate Mode dafür komplett sterben lassen (ich glaube der wird eh kaum benutzt). Aktuell arbeite ich aber gerade an einer Version von diesem F1 Mapping für den Kontrol S4 MK3. Wenn das schätze ich im Februar fertig ist könnte ich mir Vorstellen das Update für den F1 zu bringen. In meinem Mapping etwas umzumappen ist nur für sehr geeübte und erfahrere Mapper mit viel Zeit zu empfehlen da die Modifiersteuerung sehr komplex ist, und alles von anderen Sachen Abhängigkeiten hat. Sorry. Ich blicke selber kaum noch durch. LG

AtomHeArt 3 months ago
Hey Tekken, erstmal muss ich meine Begeisterung aussprechen. Es hat noch nie so viel Spaß gemacht Effekte zu nutzen. Richtig guter Shit. Leider bekomme ich, nachdem ich versucht habe einen zweiten F1 mit einzubinden, dein Mapping nicht mehr zum Laufen. Ich habe dann den zweiten F1 wieder abgespöselt und alles zurückgesetzt (.nckf1 und .tsi gelöscht) und das mapping nach Anleitung neu installiert. Das Problem, ich kann unter inPort und outPort nicht F1 Controller auswählen. Ich habe auch das Default Mapping (in dem bei inPort und outPort F1 Controller steht) gelöscht, geht trotzdem nicht. Alles mehrmals durchgespielt, ohne Erfolg. Ich habe keinen Ansatz mehr, was ich probieren könnte. Hast du einen Tipp für mich?
Tekken 3 months ago

Hey. Danke für das Lob! Ich selber habe nur einen F1 deswegen konnte ich nie testen ob es mit zwei funktioniert. Ich vermute aber schon. Wichtig wird sein das man bei den In und Out Ports den richtigen von den beiden F1's auswählt und zwar dem auch im Controller Manager die .nckf1 zugewiesen ist. Wenn du gar keinen F1 mehr bei den In und Out Ports zuweisen kannst dann würde ich versuchen von der Native Instruments Seite die Treiber für den F1 herunterladen und neu zu installieren. Eventuell hilft es auch ein Firmwareupdate für den F1 zu machen.

AtomHeArt 3 months ago

Hey vielen Dank, du hast den Nagel auf den Kopf getroffen. Digger, du kannst dir nicht vorstellen wie glücklich ich bin. Auf den Ansatz wäre ich echt nicht gekommen, da das ganze vor meinem Umbau ja auch einwandfrei lief. Ich bin auch davon ausgegangen, dass bei einer installation von Traktor die neusten Treiber der Controller integriert sind. Lösung war, neusten Treiber von dem F1 installiert, das Firmware Update 11 draufgezogen und schon war F1 unter inPort und outPort vorhanden. Hatte sich sogar automatisch eingetragen. Voll cool, auch gleich mal eine Spende entrichtet. Bezüglich des zweiten F1 im Setup melde ich mich nochmal. Frohes Fest und so….. :-)

Echobreaker 4 months ago
Any plans to update this for Traktor 3.0?
Najib Albakhit 4 months ago

I second that! Looking forward. Only problem so far seems to be the swap between Beatmasher and Delay.

Jherome 4 months ago

Hmmm... so this will no longer work in Traktor 3? I just ordered my S4 MK3. Hope it still works otherwise I hope the S4 MK3 works with Traktor 2.

Tekken 3 months ago

It is working with Traktor Pro 3 and also with the Kontrol S4 MK3 without any problems and exactly like with Traktor Pro 2. Beatmasher and Delay shouldn't be swapped.