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DDJ 400 Traktor Pro 4 Decks Complete Mapping

Description and Instructions

With this mapping you can now control 4 decks in traktor and you can use it in Traktor pro 2, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, you just have to choose
the right folder on the DDJ400_TRAKTOR.rar and follow the instructions that are in the Youtube Video. This is not an upgrade for my previous mapping, this is a different version, for some people doesn't have any point control 4 decks with a 2 channel unit but for some people (like me) this could be extremely useful. In this version flux mode it's no longer available and most of the time you will have no visibility on the global section (The  4 decks will be at advanced mode most of the time) but it definitly have certain improvements like a corrected vinyl mode and a best use for the pads. 
You have to know that when you import the LAYOUTS.tsi will erase your existing layouts in Traktor but if you doesn't import them the mapping will not work properly.
This Mapping it is exclusively for WINDOWS.
I expect your feedback on any issues that you can find. If you like the mapping give a like on Dj Tech Tools, Youtube or both or leave a thanks in the comments, it doesn't take much of your time and you make me feel better about giving away my work for free..     I hope it is useful for all of you guys out there...
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
Jevier about 1 month ago
Hola Crack, como estas? Te consulto.. Porque aparecen 2 carpetas distintas al descomprimir el .Rar? *Carpetas MKZ4DECKS_2_30 y MKZ4DECKS_31_32 (Cada carpeta con un Archivo LAYOUT y MKZ4DECKS) Cual debería instalar? Tengo Win 10 64Bits. Te agradezco mucho el aporte y espero poder resolver lo de la instalación, ya estaba entrando en pánico porque Rekordbox no me estaría gustando.. Aguardo Info. Muchas gracias, abrazoo!!
Markuz Larrazzilla about 1 month ago

Buenas noches amigo, la MK4DECKS_2_30 es para traktor 2 y la versión 3.0 y la otra es para la versión 3.1 y 3.2, solo tienes que checar cual es la versión de traktor que estás ocupando y escoger la adecuada, espero que el mapping the sea de utilidad. Salu2

Nelson 4 months ago
Any idea why it's mandatory to install the LAYOUTS.tsi? I prefer not using it because I may plug in a different controller or DJ mixer.
Markuz Larrazzilla 4 months ago

When you press several tabs on the controller the mapping expand or contract the decks, for example: when you press the beat jump tab the c and d decks contract in order to show you the global section ( where the effects are ) and when you press the hot cue tab the decks expand for you to see the advanced deck c and d ( because the idea of the mapping is that you use 4 decks ). If you don't install the layouts the mapping will change the layouts between the ones you already have, which it's ok but you will have to make changes manually in order to be able to see the functions that you wanna use, like effects, loop recorder, audio recorder, remix decks, in order to be able to work with 4 decks you need your mixer visible all the time because it can get really confusing with only two channels in your controller, you can definitely try the mapping without the layouts but it's not intuitively at all, trust me, already try it, it's more like a pain.

Has anyone tried this on Mac? Are you completely sure that it will only work on windows? I've been looking for a DDJ 400 mapping but still havent found something complete. I am not interested in the "4decks" function, but I will appreciate a lot if you let me know a propper DDJ 400 mapping for traktor. Thanks in advance. PD: I love the work people like you selflessly share
Markuz Larrazzilla 5 months ago

The issue with mac is that something about the codification of the file it's different, I don't know what, but several people tried to use my mappings on mac and never work properly, some of the functions are wrong or doesn't work at all. I hope you'll find a good mapping soon

Eduardo jimenez about 1 month ago

I've used it for Mac but the job wheel doesn't stop when scratching and the deck is on play mode ive lost function of headphone cue the master works but the headphones don't cur so you cant hear what's on deck and fx button is non-op ,ive tried to add a mapping to see if I can get it to work that way ,no work why is there no mappings for Mac out there ive searched top to bottom and no help I. need help I'm on a MacBook Pro traktor3 and DDJ400 thanks Ed

Yanay Rico 29 days ago

I know! I have a mac too. I've been looking for a video on mapping so I can do it myself even...