DDJ400 Traktor Pro 3 Complete Mapping

Description and Instructions

DDJ400 Fully Functional with Traktor Pro 3, Some features of the gear are not available in Traktor software, so I replace them with some functions like audio recorder, loop recorder, etc.

I think this mapping its really good but there is always room for improvement, I expect your feedback. Thanks 4 downloading and enjoy the mapping.
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Comments for v1.0.0
deluxe about 12 hours ago
I do not work switching effects
Markuz Larrazzilla 31 minutes ago

Do you watch the video?? the mapping doesn't work exactly like the original configuration for rekordbox, switching effects function its in the performance pads, except the mixer effects that are on the mixer area

Claire Remz 8 days ago
DUDE! YOU ARE AWESOME FOR UPLOADING THIS!! I was starting to feel hopeless after buying Traktor Pro 3 and realizing I might not be able to use my controller with it lol.
Markuz Larrazzilla 6 days ago

Thanks!! Happy to help!

Nuklearschlag 10 days ago
Thanks,must test it!
Markuz Larrazzilla 6 days ago

Yeah, let me know what you think!

linxuyi 17 days ago
Generration improvement!Hopefor tomorrow
Markuz Larrazzilla 6 days ago


deluxe 2 days ago

effects switch button does not work

Juan Antonio 20 days ago
Como cambiamos entre las carpetas y los tragos?
Markuz Larrazzilla 19 days ago

Francamente no sé a qué te refieres con lo de los tragos, lo de las carpetas no lo incluí porque le di preferencia a expander y contraer el área de exploración, no le veo tanta utilidad a lo de las carpetas porque para buscar tracks es casi indispensable el uso del teclado, es solo que en unidades cómo está tienes que sacrificar algunas funciones. Gracias por descargar y por comentar.