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DDJ400 Traktor Pro 3 Complete Mapping

Description and Instructions

DDJ400 Fully Functional with Traktor Pro 3, Some features of the gear are not available in Traktor software, so I replace them with some functions like audio recorder, loop recorder, etc.

I think this mapping its really good but there is always room for improvement, I expect your feedback. Thanks 4 downloading and enjoy the mapping.

This mapping it's for WINDOWS.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
Gui Avlis about 1 month ago
do you have the ddj 400 controller mapping for trackto for mac?
Markuz Larrazzilla about 1 month ago

No I Don't. Sorry my friend

carlos about 1 month ago
Hola como hago funcionar los audífono para escuchar la música que voy a poner para mezclar mientra sale la otra
Markuz Larrazzilla about 1 month ago

Tienes que configurar tu audio exactamente como se ve en el video amigo. Gracias por descargar. Salu2

Nihat Imsir 3 months ago
Hello, Where can I find a mapping file of Pioneer DDJ 400 for Traktor Pro 3 on Mac ? Please help ::) Regards, Nihat...
Markuz Larrazzilla 3 months ago

I really don't know that my friend, you are not the fist asking that, but I still don't have an answer. I am sorry.

valeri 4 months ago
hello good night download the mapping but it did not work I have windows 8.1 I opened it and only opened traktor 2.9 which is the version I have but nothing works for my ddj 400 help me please what dev do? Should I import that file into a traktor folder? please help
Markuz Larrazzilla 4 months ago

Okay this is what you have to do: 1) connect your ddj 400 2) open traktor 3) go to your settings/preferences menu (you'll find the icon in the right corner) 4) go to the controller manager label 5) in the device setup menu you gotta click on the tab "add" 6) on the menu just open click on "import" 7) here you have to select the .tsi file that you downloaded from this site 8) once you have selected now put on the " in- port " menu: ddj 400 and do the same on the " out- port " menu 9) close the preferences window and it should work properly now I hope that this helps I'm going to upload a new version in a few days so if you wanna know when it's up, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Dominik 4 months ago
Will the jogwheels work properly in Vinyl mode? Thanks
Markuz Larrazzilla 4 months ago

Vinyl mode doesn't work so good, you can scratch with it but don't expect too much