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DDJ400 Traktor Pro 3 Complete Mapping

Description and Instructions

DDJ400 Fully Functional with Traktor Pro 3, Some features of the gear are not available in Traktor software, so I replace them with some functions like audio recorder, loop recorder, etc.

I think this mapping its really good but there is always room for improvement, I expect your feedback. Thanks 4 downloading and enjoy the mapping.

This mapping it's for WINDOWS.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
antonio 7 days ago
ciao ho installato i file, modificato con 2 deck, a prima vista credo che vada bene, quello che non và bene è la rotella per selezionare la cartella e poi i singoli brani, salta le righe, ruotando passa dal brano 1 al brano 4 e poi al nove, non ti permette di fermarti per esempio sul brano 2, e così anche per le playlist, grazie.
Markuz Larrazzilla 7 days ago

Ciao amico, non parlo italiano, sto usando il traduttore di Google. Stai usando Windows o Mac? Perché ciò che mi dici non accade in Windows. Se stai usando Windows ti suggerisco di scaricare meglio la mia versione per 4 deck perché è molto più completa.

matteo 10 days ago
HI.I download this mapping and I have been using it for a long time, it's very good but microphone don't function, can you help me? Many thanks in advance
Markuz Larrazzilla 10 days ago

Ok that's weird, I didn't map the microphone function on any of the mappings ive been poste, but they work anyway, it's like a function that works by default on the unit. If that's not the case the only solution I see it's that you have to map the function in traktor and see if it works, maybe your unit it's damage..

Tiberiu 22 days ago
Hello. I downloaded succesfully your map. It work to control Traktor 2, but the sound not working. I select audio device DDJ-400 and built-in sound card DDJ-400. I can control the program with my DJJ-400 console, but i can't set the volume fader on each deck and i can't see indicator for volume in Traktor. I can set Master Volume and did'n have effect. I hope you understand me and help me. Thanks.
Markuz Larrazzilla 21 days ago

Windows or Mac?

Lee 2 months ago
This is a great map thank you. Is thre a way when in a loop to light the corresponding "beat loop" performance pad so i know which button to press to cancel it when it's dark? A couple of times, rather than canecling the loop i've pressed the wrong button and either shortened the loop or extended it.
Markuz Larrazzilla about 1 month ago

Honestly that it is quite complicated I don't know how to do it yet, but as soon as I manage the know how I will post an update

cristian about 1 month ago

como agopara ponerlo y aser que suene la musica desde mi ddj 400 en traktor con quiere agarrar

Giuseppe La Corte 2 months ago
Hi Brother, Great job. I'm trying to customize the mapping, but I can't understand how you managed the shift key. In no way can I make it work, while if I use a hotkey as a shift key it works. the test I do is use the condition m1. can you help me . ddj 400 traktor pro 3 ver
Markuz Larrazzilla 2 months ago

I don't quite understand your question but in the mapping the shift key of the A deck it is indeed modifier M1 and when the button it is not pressed it has the value 0, and when it is press the value changes to 1, so if you want that some pad, button or fader do some specific function when you press the shift key you have to put in modifier conditions: M1. Value 1 but you have to remember that only works when it is pressed. I hope this helps

Markuz Larrazzilla 2 months ago

On the other hand if you wanna create a shift key from scratch then you should look that the modifier it is available by checking the entire code of the mapping and you can learn how to program it by looking the code of modifier #1 on the mapping. Of course you gotta make sure that the pad you choose to be your modifier doesn't already have other function.