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Rekordbox RMX-1000 FX Control Hack

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Description and Instructions

You'll need Bome MIDI Translator Pro to make this mapping work. Your RMX-1000 must be updated to the latest firmware (2.20) and the MIDI messages must be set to PLUGIN mode, MIDI channel must be number 1. You need to own the RMX expansion pack for Rekordbox and it must be activated within the software.

- Unpack the zip.

- Open MIDI Translator and open the .bmtp file.

- Connect your RMX-1000 to your computer using a USB cable.

- Turn on your RMX-1000 and open Rekordbox DJ.

- Open the Rekordbox MIDI mapping utility, select the Bome virtual MIDI port, and import the .csv file.

- In the PDF you can read the assignments of every control.

- The zip also contains a sample pack with the original sounds from the RMX-1000 and three little 808 and 909 kits. Load all the samples in the first bank of the Rekordbox sampler.

By default the right side controls are for FX2 and left controls for FX1. X-Pad triggers are linked to the deck 1 Pad FX, so if you want a similar behavior to the hardware, set the first Pad FX of deck 1 to different variation of Roll FX.

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