Macro Jog FX Track

Description and Instructions

This mapping is specifically for people with other controllers that still have a mixtrack lying around gathering dust.  It uses the mixtrack as a secondary controller with its jog wheels controlling any of 4 macro fx presets.  Most of the controls are left unmapped for the sake of simplicity.  It is currently set up to control fx on decks a and b only.  deck A is mapped to effect unit 3, and deck B is mapped to fx unit 1. The mapping works like this:

A Gain = Wet/Dry effect 3
B Gain = Wet/Dry effect 1

Jog A = effect 3 button 1 on, knob 1 control
Jog B = effect 1 button 1 on, knob 1 control

Sync, Cue, Play and Stutter are mapped to 4 macro fx presets.  Currently these are Laserslice, Granuphase, Flighttest, and ZZzurp, respectively, but they are clearly marked in the mapping if you wish to change them.  The buttons also reset knob 1 to 50%, as that's the "zero" position on the macro fx.

Additionally, the master gain fader controls a sweep drama effect for both decks.

The crossfader controls the balance(pan) on either deck, with Deck accessed by holding the scratch button on the left and vice versa for deck b.

The left tempo fader also controls the master volume, with the right tempo fader then controlling the gain on the audio recorder.  you might not need these but they were useful to me.

please leave comments with problems or suggestions for more features, though as I said, I've kept it simple on purpose.
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