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MikeFighter 3D - hotcues and fx

Description and Instructions

Note: If you have updated to the latest MF3D firmware (30 May 2013) you will need to load the Legacy->Standard firmware for this mapping to work as expected. 
This can be found in the Tools->Alternate Firmware section of the MF Utility

This is my mapping for the midifighter 3D.  It controls all 8 hotcues on the bottom 8 buttons, and has effects on the top 8. The effects used are 2 Gater settings, Iceverb, Delay T3, Wormhole, Turntable Rewind and Echo Delay.

In addition, the side buttons can select any effect for fx unit 1 slot 1 and fx unit 2 slot 1.  the middle side button than turns on the effect and allows you to modulate it through left or right motion.  This is designed to work best with macro effects, as it uses 50% as its start point rather than 0%.

Forward motion activates a drama sweep effect, thanks to Army of Me for that particular effect.

The download includes a picture detailing what each button does. 

***note*** you should have your effects set to Group on fx 1 and 2, and Single on fx 3 and 4.
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Comments for v1.2.0
jonchar over 3 years ago
I still cant get the deck change feature to work