Xone K2 Traktor pro 2.6 (macro Fx, 4 decks, beatslicer, loop recorder)

Description and Instructions

A new version of my K2 mapping, made and improved for traktor 2.6.
Here's a complete description there :


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Comments for v1.0.0
djfiatluxx@gmail.com over 2 years ago
Awesome mapping! Wanted to see if you know what settings I need to use in Traktor to get output RCA's on the K2 to work? And also, to get the CUE button to work on the front phone jack of the K2?
Kuttss almost 4 years ago
Hey trying out your mapping,is it possible to send a pdf copy of the presentation....so I can print it out and refer it.....while trying out the mapping.....Thanks
Michael Dieter Walter over 4 years ago
Very Nice Map! Thank you soo much! I'm really happy with it! Greez
Just Friday about 4 years ago

Thanks a lot... I'm gonna rebuild it from scratch in a double perspective : - NI screw us with each update and the FX is messed by 2.6.8 - It's gonna be a special update to use the K2 alongside the Xone DB2+Vinyls (my actual setup)... Keep in touch!

map over 4 years ago
I can't find the browse and load track for individual ABCD channels. any help much appreciated.
Just Friday over 4 years ago

http://prezi.com/yu1jrhca6cxu/xone-k2-traktor-260-mapping/#comment_1169371 everything is there : In red layer only : Press right bottom encoder -> go browser turn right bottom encoder -> selct up/down turn left bottom encoder -> pg Up/Down Press right bottom encoder -> load on focus+exit browser Focus, well... it's aloso there : http://prezi.com/yu1jrhca6cxu/xone-k2-traktor-260-mapping/#comment_1169371

map over 4 years ago

thanks alot!

Corey Steward over 4 years ago
What midi channel does the K2 need to be in? Setup info would be great.
Just Friday over 4 years ago

It's the default channel (15, If I remember well...). You also need to put the lacth layer 4.