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Akai LPD8 [Fully working mapping with working leds]

Description and Instructions

New version. BETA 1 :
  • Totaly reworked version. 
  • The main features are described in the follwing slides  : http://prezi.com/ufhxat82neoi/akai-ldp8-modular-control/ 
  • Coming in the next versions :
  1. More superknobs settings
  2. More Dynamics FXs
  3. More Killing tracks FXs ala Echo Freeze
  4. Coming-not-soon-but-in-a-very-long-time : Remix decks mapping

Check the forums for previous versions

Please note you'll add to unzip the file, load the ldp8 presets, then after load the mapping in traktor (two tsi which has to be assign to the ldp8!!!)

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.1.0
Zigo over 1 year ago
The Prezi link no longer works. Please can you upload again to somewhere?
bob about 1 month ago

yes please, share the pdf or slide content somewhere :D

Grzegorz about 8 years ago
Hi. I loaded presets and tsi file and my Traktor stoped to see LPD8 (no ctrl blik in trktr). Any tips? Thx in advance!
Just Friday about 8 years ago

I assume there's a problem with the mapping and your traktor version. Don't forget it's been made for traktor 2.1.x (we're currently at the 2.7.3). Bests.

bonifaz about 8 years ago
Good mapping. Where can i find the information exactly on how to bind cue-points or other functions to bank4, for example. Just any guide you know. Thankz! =)
djreynaert over 9 years ago
eey i have made mappings for the vms and for the bcd 3000 and never had problems with the leds XD. but when i fiddled with this little toy i couldnt get the lights working like i want them to work. i downloaded your mapping had a quick look and tried it out. the lights are working. tell me your secret! XD how did you get them to stay on when something is selected?
Just Friday about 8 years ago

In fact, pressing a button let the light show the main level btutton or turn it down. That was the only way I found to launch remanent light on that device.

Viraaj Pannu over 9 years ago
How do i load the presets? I can't figure out how to load them in traktor?
Just Friday over 9 years ago

Check this package : https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/715 You have to load the presets in the akai lpd8 utility. Then load the mapping in traktor (using the BIG EXPORT)

John Stewart over 9 years ago

Hi,I have been looking for mapping solutions for so long , you really seem to know what and how to do this,I was hoping for some quite simple help, mapping my LPD8 to traktor pro2 just mainly for effects as I have a Mixtrackpro,any suggestions.By the way I have to say Im blown away by your mappings..brilliance!..J

Just Friday over 9 years ago

Don't know what you exactly need... Do you need instant gratification mappings? superknobs ? mimicking traktor's FX slots behaviour ? Each situation is different, and leads to a different way of mapping it... So explain me your need and I'll help you the best I can. You can pm me there : https://www.facebook.com/justfriday Keep in touch!

John Stewart over 9 years ago

Hi Just Friday...I think what I would need is to try and map to sample decks on pro2.1.1, I am so new to this..any suggestions?

Viraaj Pannu almost 9 years ago

Hey just friday. Thanks a lot for the information on how to load the presets it really helped. for some reason tho i can't use any of the functions mapped on the CC's. for some reason it acts like an EQ kill when i press the pads in CC mode. Would be really grateful for any help. Thanks man