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Mixtrack Pro 4 DJ Player (Basska 2nd Edit)

Description and Instructions

Load it in DJ Player folder with iTunes or iFunBox.
Dj Player v.5.1 is recommended for full use (2 stereo audio output and pre-cueing) of the mixtrack Pro

Enjoy !

Edit : Filter added instead of Pitch (for those who use Sync button)
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.2
zinlike about 4 years ago
Thanks, nice article <a href="#">1</a>
fretjean over 4 years ago
Will you do on hercules RMX 2 ? Do you think it is possible ?
Jens K├╝hnemann about 5 years ago
Works great. Thank you for sharing :)
Basska about 5 years ago

You're welcome. ;)