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Mixtrack Pro 4 DJ Player

Description and Instructions

Load it in DJ Player folder with iTunes or iFunBox.
Dj Player v.5.1 is recommended for full use (2 stereo audio output and pre-cueing) of the mixtrack Pro

Enjoy !
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
San Jay almost 8 years ago
hi there, mapping seems to be ok when I check how every button/slider is mapped, however.. my mixer isnt responding (eventhough everything is mapped correctly) as I said). I am using double deck mode in dj player, with this midi-mapping. iPad / mixtrack-pro connected through an powered usb hub, headphones plugged the headphone connector, output to stereo over output1. Am i missing something? A setting? Mixer / PFL doesnt respond. thx!
Basska almost 8 years ago

Your setup looks good.It works great for me... Try to re-mapped it using midi "learn" fonction. Have you got Dj player v5.1 and IOS 6 ?